Verizon Credit Check: Everything You Need To Know

Verizon Credit Check Everything You Need To Know

Verizon Credit Check – Verizon Wireless is the largest American network operator, with around 143 million subscribers, covering 70% of the country’s population.

The company is known for providing reliable networks nationwide with phone and internet services. If you wish to switch to Verizon as your carrier, you might worry about your credit score and want to learn about Verizon Credit Check.

This article includes everything you need to know about the same.

What Is The Verizon Credit Check In 2023?

What Is The Verizon Credit Check In 2023

Like every phone carrier, Verizon Mobile performs credit checks when you sign up for mobile phone or internet services. Through this credit check, the company analyses your capability to pay for the phone or the plan you have opted for.

The credit check process helps the company to know how much they can charge you for a security deposit and whether you can pay for their services in the long run.

Verizon Credit Check is a preventive strategy the company uses to save itself from recurring losses if you don’t pay the bills for its services.

What Is A Hard Credit Check?

A Hard Credit Check is when a credit lender inquires about your credit report with your permission when you apply for new credit, such as a car loan, credit card, home loan, or an increase to an existing line of credit.

Multiple hard credit checks may affect your credit scores and reflect on your credit reports for about two years. However, in most cases, the effect could be minor and can lead to a reduction of fewer than 5 points off your credit score, while in some cases, your credit score could be lowered by 10 points.

This is the case when you have gone through multiple hard credit inquiries. One or two hard credit checks will only affect your credit score slightly.

Hard credit checks occur within a specific time frame called the Shopping Period, which is generally 14-45 days and is considered a single inquiry.

Does Verizon Perform A Hard Credit Check?

Yes. This credit check includes a hard credit check. The company performs a hard credit check when you sign up for Verizon postpaid plans, for which you pay a monthly deposit. However, you don’t need a hard credit check for prepaid plans.

The company performs a hard credit check because their cell phones can develop a higher bill than a landline. These hard inquiries are carried out to examine if you can pay for their expensive plans.

A hard credit check helps Verizon evaluate your current debt, payment history, limits on your credit account, any charged-off accounts, and overall financial stability. Through this credit check, the company assesses the risk associated with your account and calculates the amount of your security deposit.

How Does The Verizon Credit Check Work?

The credit check takes place online when you select a device such as a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or mobile hotspot device and the plans you wish to have from Verizon.

What Credit Check Does Verizon Use?

What Credit Check Does Verizon Use

Three major credit bureaus store your credit history. These are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Every phone company uses one of the three credit bureau reports to check your credit report and determine your credit score.

Out of the three, Verizon uses Equifax to review your credit report. Though currently using Equifax credit reports, Verizon may use TransUnion or Experian in the future.

How Long Does The Verizon Credit Check Take?

The credit check is a quick process that takes only a few minutes to complete. But you must correctly enter all the required details during the online process to run the credit check efficiently.

Also, the process can take longer if you are required to submit extra documentation during the credit check process.

However, this is rare and rarely occurs when there is a problem verifying your identity or any issue with the information you submitted during the online credit check process.

Does Verizon Charge You For A Credit Check?

No. Verizon charges no additional fees to run the credit check. You will only have to pay for the services you have selected. A credit Check is a part of the application process for opting for the company’s postpaid services. It is a safety measure the company takes to check your capability to pay for their services.

Does Verizon Approve Bad Credit?

Yes. Verizon does approve application with bad credits in some cases. However, the deposit for the services for a bad credit scorer would be significantly higher than for someone with a good credit score.

Moreover, Verizon’s approval for bad credit depends on your credit score. If your score is too low for the company to consider, you won’t be qualified for the services. For instance, if you score 300-350, Verizon will not likely approve you joining its network.

On the other hand, it would be easy for someone with a credit score of above 600-650 to get Verizon services. In addition, a credit score above 650-700 may not require you to pay any deposit.

Does Verizon Check Credit For Upgrades?

The answer to this question is partly yes and partly no because Verizon will not check your credit online for an upgrade but will carry out an internal credit check before it allows you to upgrade your device.

Hence, before you apply to the company for an upgrade, you must pay your bills on time. Please ensure that you have no pending debt. The internal credit check will reveal all account details and can affect the chances of approval for your upgrade application to Verizon. So, you must check that your account is in good standing.

Does Verizon Do Credit Checks For The Internet?

Yes. Verizon Fios performs a credit check when you opt for interest and television services through the company.

If you retain a bad credit score, the company will not approve you for internet and television services. In that case, you can go for Verizon Fios prepaid Fios plans.

Verizon Fios provides a prepaid Fios plan for people with bad credit. With these prepaid plans, people with bad credit can also get a home phone, internet, and television services without a contract.

Moreover, there is no credit check for Verizon Fios prepaid plans. In addition, you have a flexible payment option. You can pay using your credit or debit card or visit a Verizon store using a kiosk to pay your monthly bill.


As the largest mobile network operator, Verizon offers many prepaid and postpaid phone plans.

This credit check is performed when you sign up for their plans to examine your credit history and whether you can pay for the services. Verizon performs a hard credit check for postpaid plans, which could affect your credit score. Furthermore, the company also approves some bad credit scorers up to a certain limit.

However, people with bad credit can opt for Verizon Fios prepaid plans. In addition, Verizon performs an internal credit check when you wish to apply for your device upgrade. Therefore, you must keep your account in good standing to get approval for an upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many points does a hard credit inquiry affect our credit score?

A hard credit inquiry can reduce your credit score by 5-10 points. In many cases, the effect is insignificant.

Does Verizon do a hard credit check?

Yes. Verizon performs a hard credit check if you sign up for their postpaid plans.

What is the difference between a soft and hard credit check?

A hard credit check may affect your credit scores and can be seen on your credit reports for about two years, whereas a soft credit check does not affect your credit scores.

What optimum credit score does Verizon require?

A credit score of around 600-650 is good for Verizon services. Though Verizon allows a certain lower credit score, a higher credit score helps you lower your deposit. Moreover, no deposit might be needed if your credit score exceeds 650-700.

Who does Verizon check credit reports from?

Currently, Verizon uses the credit report from Equifax.

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