Veteran Journalist Predicts Industrial Crash, Says Sustainable Living Could Save Us

In his new book, Thomas A. Lewis explores the problem of industrialization and the increasingly urgent need for a sustainable lifestyle from a fresh and startling perspective. The author of Brace for Impact: Surviving the Crash of the Industrial Age by Sustainable Living argues that industry’s relentless, decades-long pursuit of economies of scale has accumulated enormous risks that are now threatening the long-term survival of every industrial-scale enterprise that provides essential human services.

Agribusiness’ destruction of crops, and its cruelty to animals, are all catalogued in Brace for Impact, a book about industrial agriculture’s mounting failures. A comprehensive review of the threats to our food, water and energy supplies is provided in this book, including chapters on water (dwindling supplies and worsening pollution), oil shortages (peak oil may already be here) and electrical grid problems (for which the solution is not a “smart grid,” but a grid none at all). Brace for Impact reaches the inevitable conclusion after studying the financial and political institutions that refuse to recognize the dangers.

Lewis, however, points out that even though it is impossible to save everyone from the crash, sustainable living can avoid its worst consequences for individuals, families, and communities who embrace it. Towards a future of prosperity and security in an age destroyed by greed, Lewis offers a final chapter, “Sanctuary.”

Lewis is a veteran journalist (he wrote the EQ Index for National Wildlife Magazine and World Almanac for six years as an annual survey of the United States’ environment), author (The Shenandoah in Flames, Guns of Cedar Creek, Wildlife of North America, For King and Country, West from Shenandoah), and editor (he served as a series editor for Time-Life Books’ “Planet Earth” series with 16 books on the earth sciences, and he was also editor and publisher of Civil War Magazine for a period of time). Currently, he is artist in residence at Frostburg State University in Maryland, where he lives on his own sanctuary-in-progress, a 20-acre farm in West Virginia

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