Vikas Dubey Live Updates: 2.5 Lakh Ruppes Bounty on the Criminal

Vikas Dubey

After killing 8 Policemen, the criminal Vikas Dubey with his gang runs away and now the police are looking for him. The STF has taken the case in hand and they are reacting aggressively in the case. So far the criminal is out of hand though the police is demolishing his houses, cars, and property. You all should know that the Daya Shankar Agnihotri was arrested by the police as the encounter followed him in Kalyanpur area of Kanpur in this recent Sunday.

Vikas Dubey

Police got a lot of information by him as he suggested that Vikas Dubey a local goon has received a tip from the police station itself through a phone call. After that, the STF went through the call records of all criminals and they have found that some of the officers including a SO involved in this whole incident. The investigation for the same is one and the police are trying to figure out the news ahead.

So far the reports are coming that the Police officers have increased the bounty amount on the criminal Vikas Dubey. He is now worth 2.5 Lakh and the person who will give the input about him will get this amount. Also, the sources are confirming that the criminal might have escaped from the UP though the police are trying to locate him. All the borders are sealed but when the corruption is inside the Police then how can we say that he wouldn’t be getting help.

The criminal Vikas Dubey has the back of various political parties and this is the reason why he was living like a king. Even the Police were involved with him in his crimes and he was being saved by the authorities. Overall, now the Vikas Dubey will soon be arrested and the police will investigate his history and geography from now.

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