Vikas Dubey’s Encounter was planned? It was a Fake Encounter? #FakeEncounter

Vikas Dubey’s Encounter was planned? It was a Fake Encounter? #FakeEncounter

Vikas Dubey’s encounter was fake this is the question people are asking online on various platforms. As you all might already know that the gangster Vikas Dubey was killed while he was being moved to Kanpur in Police Jeep. As per the police reports, he snatched the gun of a policeman and tried to run but he got surrounded by the commandos and then they shot him.

The can in which Vikas Dubey was being transferred got rain-slicked in the highway. Now in this whole accident, the criminal Vikas Dueby tried his best to escape by taking the advantage of the situation. Overall, he was shot dead and he isn’t the only one, many other accomplices of the criminals are shot dead.

Vikas Dubey Encounter

The Police have confirmed in their own statement that the jeep was overturned in which the accused was being transferred. After the accident, the accused criminal Vikas Dubey grabbed the gun from an injured policeman and tried to run away. The police team surrounded him and they tried to catch him alive though he had a gun and he could kill some police officer so to save them the police had to fire back in self-defense.

Now the sources are saying that the Vikas Dubey was injured while he was being transferred to the Hospital. As you all might already know that the Vikas Dubey was arrested yesterday while he was attending the Mahakal temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Overall, this whole encounter raises the questions as a lot of politicians were involved with the criminal Vikas Dubey.

Fake Encounter

We aren’t saying that this was a fake encounter but a lot of politicians are pointing towards it. Even on Twitter the #FakeEncounter is trending online on Twitter. The reports are suggesting that the Vikas Dubey encounter is trending online and now he is dead officially. People are saying that this whole this is fake and police killed him so they can save the upper-class people.

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