Visakhapatnam Shipyard Crane Collapsed Killed 11 People & Video Got Viral 2020

Visakhapatnam Shipyard Crane Collapsed

In an 8 second viral video, we have seen that a crane is crashing down at Hindustan Shipyard in Visakhapatnam which nearly killed around 11 people. The reports are coming that this whole incident took place in Andhra Pradesh today. The 11 people are dead and that is confirmed while the other 1 is still in the hospital and he is seriously injured.

Visakhapatnam Shipyard Crane Collapsed Video

The reports are coming that the 4 of them were the shipyard employees and the rest were contract staff. The police are trying to investigate the whole case though nothing has been cleared up now. Reports are coming that the death toll in the crane collapse incident at Hindustan Shipyard Limited rises to 11 from 9 and that is huge. Visakhapatnam District Collector Vinay Chand has confirmed the whole thing by himself.

So far the reports are coming that Hindustan Shipyard Limited is trying to investigate the whole matter. It is a kind of Government place in which shipbuilding and catering to the needs of shipbuilding, ship repairs, submarine construction, and refits as well as design and construction. Overall, the whole investigation for the same is on. This is a really very sad incident and we don’t think that this type of thing should be repeated in any mean.

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