VP Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren Waving Together

The senator of Massachusetts stopped short of endorsing Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate in 2024. She announced that during a Boston Public Radio interview in January.

The radio host asked Warren if Harris should be Biden’s running mate if he plans to reelect in 2024. She retorted that she wanted to defer what would make Biden comfortable on his team. She then stated how they need to be a team and believes they have issues getting along.

VP Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren pose After 2024 Endorsement Snub

Warren later apologized for her comment but was not forgiven by Kamala Harris even after apologizing twice, according to CNN. Warren later stated on GBH news that she didn’t intend it that way and supported the Biden – Harris ticket. She seemed to be taking back her words in this interview with GBH news.

Warren’s action infuriated Kamala’s inner circle. Few Democratic leaders felt it’d be a political issue; others questioned Kamala Harris’ accomplishments and expressed concern regarding Harris’s basic political skills.

This issue has fueled many opinions to fall on Kamala Harris. After this incident, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren were not on good terms.

It’s been over a month after Warren made those claims against the idea of a Biden-Harris ticket for the 2024 presidential election. Recently, Elizabeth Warren was captured on camera smiling while waving with Vice President Kamala Harris and several other female senators.

Warren can be seen clutching a glass of water and waving at the camera as Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. Pans around the dining area at a dinner hosted by the vice president in the video released on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Isn’t this the true panorama thing?” Kamala Harris stated. While the other senators wave and laugh at the beginning of the video. Warren is standing next to them.

At the video’s conclusion, the vice president can be seen grinning and waving. According to Stabenow’s post, Harris served several recipes at the all-female senator dinner she hosted.

The pair, which was not so in speaking terms, are now enjoying and having dinner beside other female senators in one room has taken everyone by surprise.

Many are taking this as a clue for their reunion and anticipating confirmation from either. On that note, it leaves us to conclude that Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are back on good terms.

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