Was It Love Episode 3 Release Date, Streaming Details, and Spoilers

Was It Love Episode 3 Release Date: “Was it Love” is a Korean romantic Korean drama that will run for 16 episodes, and the first season will be available on Netflix.  The director of the series is Kim Do Hyung, and the Screenwriter is Lee Seung Jin. Let us know more about the upcoming episode, the streaming details, and cast.

Was it Love Episode 3

The story revolves around the female lead character Noh Ae Jung, a working single mother and has not dated anyone for over 14 years. She works as a movie producer to show her daughter that she can achieve her dreams too. Her life gets complicated when suddenly she finds that there are four men who have feelings for her. The first man is her ex-boyfriend Oh Dae Oh, an author of a best-seller novel.
The second man is Ryoo Jin, an A list actor, the third man is Oh Yun Woo, a pure-hearted PE teacher, and the fourth man is an ex-gangster now turned CEO. All these four men enter the life that sets her to a journey to finding Love and also finding herself in the process. The show’s story is very gripping and a love story that will make anyone’s heart warm.

Was It Love Cast

-Song Ji Hyo as Noh Ae Jung
-Son Ho Joon as Oh Dae Oh
-Song Jong Ho as Ryoo Jin
-Koo Ja Sung as Oh Yun Woo
-Kim Min Joon as Koo Pa Do
-Kim Da Som as Joo Ah Rin
This is the lead cast of the show, along with other supporting cast and guest appearances.

Was It Love Episode 3 Release Date

Was it love episode 3 will be released on the 16th of July 2020 at 20:30 Korean standard time, that is on Thursday. Fresh new episodes of the series are premiered on every Wednesday and Thursday on the Korean television channel jTBC. Was It Love is still airing for its first season.

Was It Love Episode 3 Where to Watch?

The series is streaming on Netflix with English subtitles for people who are watching the show outside South Korea. As soon as the episodes air on the Korean television channels, it is updated on Netflix so that the audience can enjoy watching the romantic drama. Two episodes every week are added on Netflix as well, just like on the Korean TV channel, with previous episodes in case you want to re-watch it.
The series brings in not one, not two, not three, but four love angles to it with the story of single another fighting all odds to bring her daughter up. Not every love story we have seen has such a twist, which is why fans are very eager to watch the next episodes to see what unfolds for them and the characters. This is all the information we have on Was It Love episode 3, for more updates regarding Korean dramas, web series, and entertainment news, stay connected.

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