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In order to redistrict, Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Legislature people from altanta are going to convene a special session on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. At the start of the special session, It said that they will hold a peaceful protest outside of the Georgia Capitol for an AUDIT THE VOTE Rally. I believe they need to know that the people will not go away and we demand a full forensic audit!

Audit the Vote Rally live stream

The event Live stream will start once the event starts.

Speakers list for Audit the Vote Rally

Speakers will be added in the coming days, but this is who is already confirmed for Wednesday afternoon:

  • Amy Kremer, Chairwoman of Women for America First
  • Seth Keshel, Former Army Intelligence Officer
  • GA State House Represenative, Philip Singleton
  • Cathy Latham – Whistleblower, Election Integrity Expert & Recall Brad Co-Chair
  • Salleigh Grubbs, Cobb County GOP Chair
  • Jim Tully, Paulding County GOP Chair
  • Suzi Voyles, Whistleblower & Candidate for GA 06
  • Bay Cagle – Singer, March for Trump Team Member, Recall Brad Team
  • Kandiss Taylor, Candidate for Governor
  • Constitution Cowboy
  • Recall Brad Raffensperger Team
  • and others too!

Seth Keshel to go live in the rally

A full forensic audit of the state of Georgia is demanded by “We the People”. Join them in rallying for election integrity and demanding that a full forensic audit be performed for the entire state of Georgia. A free and fair election is the foundation of our nation. It is in the freedom and liberty that are at risk if people do not trust our electoral system.

After election day 2020, when they realized what was happening, there was a movement. Since almost one year ago, they have rallied in the streets, educated ourselves about the system and process, mobilized to pressure elected officials, and much more.

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