Watch AWK INTERVIEW with Eric Trump + Clark

Watch AWK INTERVIEW with Eric Trump + Clark

Watch AWK INTERVIEW with Eric Trump + Clark – The MAGA podcast, And We Know, recently had a great conversation with Eric Trump and Clay Clark. The three talked about what Donald Trump has done for this country and what the Deep State is currently doing to him.

It is always interesting to hear anyone from the Trump family discuss their perspectives on what the Deep State is doing.

Watch AWK INTERVIEW with Eric Trump + Clark

Key Highlights from the interview

Clark applauded Eric for his love towards his family and how despite being such a busy person, handling all his business, and being part of his father’s rally and connects to the public through interviews.

Eric Trump discussed in the interview how his father has always wanted to win all the fronts and believes that all Americans should be the best at everything. He said there is hope for the country if people use their talents and be honest with themselves.

The trio then talked about how President Trump has been working on draining the swamp ever since he first ran for office in 2016, and the system has been playing evil tricks with the trump family.

The Deep State has fully exposed themselves, and Eric Trump shared how his father has worked all his life, building the country, businesses, and employing people, yet now he is attacked so recklessly by the enemies. They have tried so hard to bring the Trump family down for six years but could not find anything to do so; that’s how clean the Trump family is.

According to Eric, Democrats are trying to destroy the country, the constitution, historical figures, families, economy. His father gets raided and negative publicity, but he still fights the odds because he loves Americans.

He said that America understands the game and how corrupt the system is, and they know which side to take. Eric discussed how Donald gets love in all the rallies he visits, and he is proud that his father started a movement in the country nobody has ever seen before.

Who is Eric Trump?

Eric Trump
Eric Trump – Watch AWK INTERVIEW

American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former reality television star Eric Trump is the second son and third child of the former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Along with his older brother Donald Trump Jr., he serves as a trustee for the Trump Organization.

He and his sister Ivanka collaborated to redesign and renovate Miami, Florida’s Trump National Doral and its blue Monster course. In 2013, he received the “Rising Star of the Year” Award from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

He also served as the boardroom judge on his father’s reality TV show, The Apprentice. 2010–2015 television series. He appears in 23 episodes of this show.

Who is Clay Clark?

Clay Clark
Clay Clark – Watch AWK INTERVIEW

Clay Clark works as a business consultant and an entrepreneur In Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition, he is the founder of the ReAwaken America Tour. Clark started DJ Connections as a teenager in Minnesota before moving the company to Tulsa to attend Oral Roberts University. In addition to DJ Connections, Clark founded several other companies, such as Thrive 15 and Elephant in the Room.


The creator of the news website And We Know is a devoted X-Marine who believes in GOD and our great nation. He delivers news from the Q in the middle of darkness and is honorable, encouraging, honest, and positive.

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