Watch Benny Johnson in conversation with a Disney whistleblower on The Benny Show

Watch Benny Johnson in conversation with a Disney whistleblower on The Benny Show

The Benny Show is a conservative daily news show, hosted by American political columnist Benny Johnson. The show deals with the latest news from around the world and provides 100% unbiased, unfiltered and raw commentary on the topics. The official description of the show reads, “Are you sick of the establishment corporate media manipulating the truth in America? We are.

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The Benny Show is 100% INDEPENDENT and your source for breaking news and raw commentary. Benny Johnson is an award-winning storyteller who hits back in the culture wars. Benny has spent his entire life working at the centre of the bare-knuckles brawl for the future of America and has the scars to prove it. Benny delivers cutting, behind-the-scenes insight into the global conflict for freedom in our time.”

Whistleblower reveals deep, dark secrets of Disney and what really goes on inside

On the most recent edition of the Benny Show podcast, host Benny Johnson invited a former Disney cast member from Florida who wished to keep her identity private, for an audio-only interview. For the interview, she was called Kathy. Kathy wrote to Benny about “just how bad it really was” in Disney, and was invited on the show to reveal what made “the happiest place on Earth” so unhappy to work in.

Benny kicked off the interview, asking Kathy about her experience while working at Disney. Kathy replied, talking of a Union affiliated with a particular political party, that apparently pressurises staff to join. The Union is part of something called ‘joining traditions’ that all new staff members have to go through.

The Union members refuse to answer questions regarding their affiliation and apparently force people to sign up, without telling them what they’re signing up for.  According to Kathy, those who do not want to join, are ill-treated to the point that their First Amendment rights were threatened.

She said, “One part of traditions is that the Union comes in to sign you up because most of us (the staff members) are unionised.” “When they (the union) come in, they suckle the room and cross their arms and put a piece of paper in front of you and stand there with their arms crossed and say ‘sign it’ “. -Kathy described. She went on to say that ‘that’s not how she operates, and so she put the piece of paper in her bag, and then, the head-guy ‘literally motioned the other members to come to speak to her’.

Kathy recalled that another new member asked the Union guy what political party they were, and he replied, “We can’t answer that question”. Kathy said that when they found out that she wasn’t unionised, she was told that she didn’t have First Amendment rights. “It is amazing… to the point where I get told I didn’t have First Amendment rights as a cast member.” -she said.

“We don’t talk about Bruno”

Halfway through the interview, Benny brings up the innumerable cases of sexual harassment, often with children by Disney staff members, inside the parks. He asked whether those cases get the same attention as the current issue involving transgender rights gets.

Kathy replied, saying “we don’t talk about Bruno”, referring to the Disney character from Encanto, who, “says what no one wants to hear”. As Kathy described, Disney doesn’t seem to want to bring up the bad things that happen inside of it. The accused staff do not get any warnings or anything as such from the inside. Kathy said that all staff go through background checks, and it surprises her how none of these people gets caught.

Disney Character Bruno

“As it pertains to Disney and the news in this circumstance (the transgender rights issue), got townhalls, new departments, and inclusion and agents or whatever you wanna call them, …this news as it pertains, got a ton of attention internally. How about any of the child molestation charges for Disney cast members…Do those get any internal note?” -Benny asked.

Kathy said, “Oh no no no, Nothing.” “It’s like a Disney reference to Encanto, we don’t talk about Bruno, because Bruno says what no one wants to hear.” -she added. “It is concerning that there are cast members that are doing things like this and we don’t talk about it. It isn’t brought up.”

To sum up Kathy’s interview, Disney has now just dug its heels in the ground, pushing the leftist “woke culture” and has diverted most of its effort and attention to a political agenda, instead of staying what it’s supposed to be, a children’s thing. Towards the end of the interview, Benny and Kathy discussed that Disney doesn’t care about the middle-class American family anymore that just want a happy family vacation at Disney. They are focused on those with the big bucks, and who are aware of the political scenario.

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