Watch Donald Trump Jr. on Rumble “Here’s Who Is Really Ruining America”

Watch Donald Trump Jr. on Rumble "Here's Who Is Really Ruining America"

Anyone who opposes a measure prohibiting teachers from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation with pupils in the early grades is “probably a groomer or at least you don’t denounce the grooming of 4-8-year-old children,” according to a spokesman for Florida’s Republican governor. “When did our public schools, any schools, become what are essentially grooming centres for gender identity radicals?” Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham remarked on national television a few days later.

Opinion| The relevance of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill prohibits instructors from bringing up the subject of sexual orientation or gender identity in the classrooms of children aged 4 to 8. I wholeheartedly support this measure since youngsters of this age would have no idea what to make of the material presented to them. How can we expect children this age to understand gender identity and sexual orientation when they are still starting to communicate and play?

If the opponents of this law ever talked to the individuals that this bill is intended to help, they would see they have it backwards. Simply ask any teen who has lately been schooled on sexual orientation if they would like to learn about it in kindergarten.

Every single one of them would say no. Consider how devastated you were when you first learned of this; are we truly pushing for young children to experience the same trauma? Before children’s brains can absorb such complicated ideas, they require time to mature.

Dont Say Gay Bill

Many on the opposing side of the debate seem to believe that we are blatantly rejecting the LGBTQ+ community, but this is not the case. All I’m saying is that sexual orientation is such a complex concept that young children’s growing brains will simply be unable to understand it.

This will not only create extra suffering, but it will also lead to youngsters misinterpreting gender identity’s primary message. This is like teaching a kindergartener advanced mathematics and nonlinear equations; the intricacies will just overwhelm them. This will cause children to either entirely misunderstand gender identity or oversimplify it in their heads to the point that they will have a warped notion of gender identity as they grow up.

Now, I hope I’ve presented my case correctly and that folks on the opposing side understand what we’re saying. Allowing children to be children, allowing them to play and have joy, is the best way to summarize everything. Also, keep in mind that this measure does not prohibit kids from having talks regarding gender identification. Let us now turn our attention to popular opinion.

Popular Opinion| The need to address gender identity as an issue in school curriculum has never arisen before. What changed now?

Terri Chatman says that he is glad to be out of school because he was taught math, language arts, science/biology, social studies, etc. stuff like this wasn’t even thought of during his time in grade school. In high school, it was simple, you gay, you gay. that’s it. nothing political or anything. We are there to learn, not cry or preach who we are sleeping with. That’s what home and trusted mentors/adults are for.

Lavender 201 says that As a gay man there is no need to teach children about sexual orientation at this age. There are ZERO reasons. Kids don’t even have that capacity nowadays.

Don't Say Gay Bill

They are still learning how to play and talk to each other. Pushing romantic and sexual education on little kids is disgusting. Glad this bill is going through.

“Sexual orientation and transgender topics are like most other things, nature and nurture, despite what activists want you to believe. This bill is morally just the right thing to do, kids don’t need to hear about anything about sex from a teacher that can mess with their heads.”

Donald Trump Jr.’s opinion on Rumble

Donald Trump Jr

Donald Trump Jr. expressed his views in a video on Rumble, he said, “There is no logical reason to teach this to them.” “There is no other explanation other than maybe these people are trying to groom our children, Or at least break down the parental structure.” “Parents need to say enough is enough.” “‘groomer’ is causing the left to be outraged because it is working.” “Any logical parent will agree with it [the bill].”


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