Watch: Full speech by Charles W. Herbster at President Trump’s Save America rally in Greenwood, Nebraska

Full Speech by Charles W Herbster at President Trump's Save America Rally in Greenwood, Nebraska

Watch Charles W Herbster’s speech at Save America Nebraska rally

What’s the speech about?

Republican Charles W. Herbster appeared as a guest speaker at the Save America, Greenwood, Nebraska Rally. Jack Brewer, a former professional football player and ardent supporter of Trump, welcomed him to his special event. The event took place in Greenwood, Nebraska at 5:00 PM ET on May 2nd. Hundreds of people attended Charles’ highly anticipated address. Greenwood is a village in Cass city of Nebraska in the USA. According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 0.41 square miles (1.06 km2), covered with all land.

Herbster spoke about his personal life

Charles Herbster

Charles was a chairman of Trump’s agricultural and rural advisory committee In 2020. He used the keynote to share his life stories by saying he was raised by a 100% German grandmother, who died on her 99th birthday. He is a single child and the only nephew in his family. Charles said he is not a city boy. Mr Herbster only sleeps for 4 hours at night He is also a baptist who truly believes in Christ.

 Mr. Herbster took a pledge

Herbster then went on to express his gratitude to his friend, Former president of America, Donald Trump and Republican Stephen Miller, for their support. Charles mentioned he would not quit fighting for the people of Nebraska. The Opposing party will try to scare them, but he will try his best to fight back because he is confident about his abilities and power. He also said together, they would do great things in law and order, he firmly believed that one day they could take down a nation and a state.

Charles Herbster
Charles Herbster

He intends to ensure that election integrity is maintained in the state and country. He went on to say no matter what he would try to give his best. Mr Herbster will uphold the police, civil workers, and shareholders. He will fight for mothers and grandparents to protect their families from the terrorists, druggists, and antisocial people coming after them. He is confident he can stop them because Charles is also good at fighting for people like our former 45th president Mr Trump. Charles believes in the great nation of America even if politicians do not keep their promises. But in his case, Herbster vowed that would not happen.

Charles is against Sex education

According to Herbster, sex education should be taken out of school and put back into homes, where it belongs. He told his followers that parents should decide if they should send their children to private school or public school. Mr Herbster plans to win the war no matter what. He will cut taxes and CRT, quit funding in the education system, and put the money into developing every child of the state.

Charles will stop illegal immigration into the country

Charles Herbster

He assured his followers that if the Republican Party came to power again, he would stop legal immigration and drug supply into the state. According to sources, in 2021 more than 1 billion drugs came into their country. The American broader system must be secure, and crimes must be reduced. Herbster also vowed to ensure that elections were free and fair.

Learn English- Charles’ advice to the youth of the nation

He said to his followers that if they are TRUE American, they have to learn English, because it’s crucial for all the citizens.

Mr. Herbster ready to fight back against China

At the end of his speech, he mentioned that if people chose him as the next governor, he would try to stop illegal immigrants and put drug dealers behind bars. Charles said he brought China as the pandemic, and due to this, we lost millions of people worldwide, so he will fight against the worst enemy China and fight for the country’s people. He strongly believes China will never buy a single acre of land in the state of Nebraska. With all the prayers, he would protect the citizens and bring back all the country’s lost glory.

About Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller CPAC

Born August 23, 1985, Stephen Miller was in Santa Monica, California, U. S. Mr Miller was born and raised in a Jewish American family and completed his education at Duke University. He is a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential administration. Stephen Miller is an American political advisor who served as a senior advisor for policy and White House director of speechwriting to President Donald Trump. His politics have been described as far-right and anti-immigration. Miller previously worked as the communications director for then-Senator Jeff Sessions. He was also a press secretary for U.S. representatives Michele Bachmann and John Shadegg. In 2016 StephenTrump’s party as a senior policy advisor.

In August 2016, Miller was named the head of Trump’s economic policy team. Miller was often seen as sharing an “ideological kinship” with the former White House chief Breitbart News co-founder Steve Bannon.

Miller launched the America First Legal Foundation, a conservative legal organisation on 7 April 2021.









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