Watch Kim Reynolds GOP response against Biden – Full video

Watch Kim Reynolds GOP response against Biden - Full video

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says that Joe Biden and his party has sent the United States back in time to the late 70s and early 80s, when inflation was hurting the economy as well as the citizens of United States. Watch the Full video below

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    About Kim Reynolds

    Kimberly Kay Reynolds was born in St. Charles, Iowa, as Kimberly Kay Strawn. She graduated from the Interstate 35 Community School District in 1977.

    For one semester (Fall 1977), Reynolds attended Northwest Missouri State University where she studied business, consumer sciences, and clothing sales and design. She dropped out of college after one semester.

    Earnings and Salary

    According to Reynolds, she earns most of her income from her political career. Till 2020, her net worth is claimed to be $130,000. Her salary is expected to be around $130,000.




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