Watch Lara Logan: “Stop Paying The People Who Are Slitting Your Throats”

Watch Lara Logan: "Stop Paying The People Who Are Slitting Your Throats"

When it comes to the current political climate, the mainstream media’s numerous talking heads are known for making controversial claims and taking sides. But there is one person who is helping to push the COVID-19 agenda: Lara Logan.

Logan is a former CBS reporter, and she has been chastised not only for her views on COVID-19 and Dr Anthony Fauci, whom she compared to a Nazi doctor, but she has also revealed that she was fired from Fox News for being an “independent thinker.” Logan hasn’t been discouraged from speaking despite being repeatedly turned away. Dangers of the COVID-19 Agenda

In the video that is featured, Logan was going to speak to a group of supporters about the dangers of the COVID-19 agenda. While it is known that lockdowns and masks did little or nothing to stop the coronavirus, the COVID-19 drug appears to be the true culprit.

So, the vaccine-injured, “we’ve done them a lot of harm in the media, and every reporter should be ashamed,” Logan admitted, admitting that the injured are being forgotten. Logan also mentioned in the speech, “We haven’t treated you properly.


This is an embarrassment to a profession that is supposed to care about the underdog. People’s suffering is important to you. You know, if you don’t currently have the Ukrainian flag painted on your nails, you’re a bad person, right? Our own, however.”

In the video that was featured, Logan was speaking to a crowd of supporters about the dangers of the C-word. She also said that it was well known that the lockdowns and masks were in place, and we could act as if they didn’t exist. Logan also mentioned, “Do you know Amanda, the girl who organised everything, one of the main organisers, who recently returned from the hospital? She’s been harmed by the vaccine. And she is fighting this battle every day. She won’t be able to forget about it when she gets home. ”

What did Logan beseech people to boycott?

The reporter continued, “Journalists wanted to pretend these people didn’t exist.” She also said that some people wanted her to read an article that someone wrote about her as if she would care what these people had to say about her. What difference does it make what they say? Logan held the mainstream media and big tech accountable for their actions, but she also explained that they only have such power because people continue to use their platforms.

lara logan

“Stop paying the people who are slitting your throats,” Logan demanded, as she was shocked by the number of people who complain about big tech only to use their app to push their complaints. Logan also told people, “Do not use Facebook. Do not use Twitter. Do not use Instagram and also stop watching videos on YouTube. ”

She also mentioned, “They’re slitting your throats; they’re silencing us, censoring us, and forcing vaccines down our throats.” What else do you require? Why do you whine and moan every day about “oh my goodness, did you see what they just did?” After that, you return to your account and earn more money for them. Put a stop to it. ”

Who is Lara Logan?

Lara Logan is a political journalist for South African television and radio. Between 2002 and 2018, she worked as a CBS News correspondent. She decided to join the conservative media company Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2019. She decided to join Fox Nation, a subscription streaming service run by Fox News, in January 2020.

Lara Logan

She claimed she had been “dumped” by the network in March 2022. During her studies, Logan worked as a news reporter for the Durban Sunday Tribune (1988–1989) and then for the city’s Daily News (1990–1992). She began working for Reuters Television in Africa in 1992 as a senior producer.

She moved into freelance journalism after four years, working for ITN and Fox/SKY, CBS News, ABC News (in London), NBC, and the European Broadcasting Union as a reporter and editor/producer. She was a CNN reporter who covered events such as the 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Tanzania, the Northern Ireland conflict, and the Kosovo war. Logan stepped down from CBS News in August of 2018. The following year, she worked as a correspondent for the Sinclair Broadcast Group on a short-term basis, reporting on the US-Mexico border.





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