Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene interview with Jenna Ellis is Trending NOW [Full Interview]

Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene interview with Jenna Ellis is Trending NOW [Full Interview]

Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene’s interview with Jenna Ellis 

What’s this interview about?

Jenna Ellis contemplates the importance of dignity in our elections as a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal representative, and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump. In this episode, Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on the show. On Friday, Taylor will appear in court.

The Jenna Ellis Show

She is enraged that the media will be present as well. Judge Amy Totenberg of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia controlled previously this week that any attempt to reject the conspiracy thinker from seeking reelection placed above her alleged role in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol can go forward. Greene and Jenna talk about these incidents and tell the viewers how the US government is trying to suppress the conservatives in every possible way.

Greene to give testimony on Friday

Greene would have to give testimony on Friday as a result of Totenberg’s decision. Greene appears concerned, perhaps because she’s made a career out of telling falsehoods and completely baseless conspiracy ideas — from Jewish-funded space, lasers causing California forest fires to the 2020 election being rigged — and has very little knowledge of telling the truth, which she’ll have to do now or face perjury charges.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene became even more animated when it came to the presence of the media in the courtroom. She went on, “I truly hope you people get to have a camcorder in that courtroom.” “You know whatever the Democrats, as well as the media, will do: they’ll click, cut, and insert because they can market a lie every night on their networks.”

Greene claims that “democracy is being destroyed”

Greene’s claim that “democracy is being destroyed” is a bit of a stretch. She’s since praised all who barged the Capitol in an attempt to prevent the 2020 results of the election from being certified. In October, she said, “If readers believe as to what our Proclamation suggests, it says to depose tyrants.” Just On Jennis Ellis Show, held by Trump’s former election attorney, Greene made the same case against the media’s presence in the courtroom.


“What they’re trying to claim and lying about is absurd,” she said on Tuesday. “The press will be allowed into the courtroom.” They’re going to let the whole thing be live-streamed… You already know how that will turn out. Democratic politicians and the horrible mainstream media will be capable of turning and transforming as well as clip out whatever little piece of information they want.”

Greene tried to block her removal from the election

Greene attempted to block her removal from the election earlier in the month, arguing that it was unconstitutional while “vehemently” denying that she “aided and engaged in insurgency.” Judge Totenberg was not convinced. The court, who’d been hired by President Obama, wrote, “This scenario includes a tub of clashing lawful interests of public import.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene

“The novel truthful and cultural stance of this case — especially when considered in the context of a fast-track preliminary injunction motion — had also decided to make settlement of the complicated legal issues involved here particularly difficult.”

More about the case

Last week, Trump-appointed U.S. District Court Judge Richard Myers II ruled in Madison Cawthorn’s favour as the North Carolina congressman moved to block a similar attempt to reject him from Congress for his alleged role in the events of last January 6.

Madison Cawthorne

Cawthorn was noted in Rolling Stone’s report on the protest that preceded the riot, along with Greene. Greene didn’t have the same luck as Cawthorn, but it’ll be tough to verify that she or any other of the lawmakers who had assisted incite the riot, violated the constitution — while the proof against Greene is extensive. In any case, Friday’s testimony could be informative. Greene has been free to spread lies indefinitely up to this point, and because the Republican establishment doesn’t seem to mind, only one real consequence she’s faced is being banned from Twitter. She’ll have to speak under the threat of not only media scrutiny, but also criminal charges.

Watch Jenna Ellis Show

You can watch all the episodes of the show on the official website of Jenna Ellis Show and you can also listen to the podcasts there. You can also watch the episodes on rumble.

Who is Jenna Ellis?

Jenna Lynn Ellis is a lawyer best known for serving on Donald Trump’s legal team. She is a former associate scholar of legal studies at Colorado Christian University and a former assistant district attorney in Weld County, Colorado. She has fought cases in state courts as a private attorney.

Jenna Ellis and Trump

She self-published The Legal Foundation for a Moral Constitution in 2015, arguing that the United States Constitution can only be interpreted in light of the Bible. Ellis has already been presenting herself as just a “judicial lawyer” all through cable news appearances since 2018, despite the fact that her backstory did not represent such expertise, according to The New York Times, and she had no prior experience in any federal cases, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Who is Majorie Taylor Greene?

Marjorie Taylor Greene shortened MTG, is indeed an American political figure, businesswoman, and very far conspiracy theorist who has supported Georgia’s 14th congressional district as of 2021. She was elected to Congress in 2020 after Republican incumbent Tom Graves retired. She is a participant of the Republican Party and a big supporter of former President Donald Trump.


She worked for her father’s Commercial Construction Company as a President from 2007 to 2011. She resigned from the position in 2011 and now works for CrossFit and produces podcasts. She then founded a CrossFit gym in 2013, which she sold after a few years. She was a moderator of a Facebook group that supports multiple conspiracy theories and was a member of a formal Family America Project in 2018. She first ran for Congress in Georgia’s 6th congressional district in 2020. She received 40.3 per cent of the vote in the primary election. She also received 57.1 per cent of the vote in the Republican Runoff.



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