Watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Interference Documentary

Watch Mike Lindell's Absolute Interference Documentary

Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of My pillow, has produced a new documentary entitled Absolute Interference.  On the launch day of Frankspeech.com, the website was continuously attacked. Mike Lindell went live for 48 straight hours and discussed various issues with guests on the panel.

Mike Lindell has been involved in various documentaries and television series where he has examined various aspects of our current system. At the time of the FrankSpeech 48 hour live, he claimed the attackers were from China and a number of other unknown facts that were not known to the public.

Watch Absolute Interference Documentary

You can watch the Absolute Interference Documentary below

What is Absolute Interference about?

Among the upcoming documentaries to be produced by Mike Lindell is Absolute Interference. There can be a significant amount of damage caused by the attack on Frank’s launch that caused the launch to be delayed.  As Mike Lindell reports, the website traffic at the time of its launch was approximately 10 million, and the hackers deliberately slowed it down so that no one was able to enter. He plans to present all of the conspiracies in his upcoming documentary.

There are many other documentaries in the Absolute series by Mike Lindell – You can watch all of them at world-wire.com/videos


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