Watch Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview with President Trump

Watch Mike Lindell's Historic Interview with President Trump
Mike Lindell’s historic interview with President Trump is one of the most anticipated interviews of the year. On 16th November, the interview will finally be broadcast for everyone to watch.


Mike Lindell, founder, and CEO of My Pillow, recently announced that he would air an interview with the President Donald Trump. The interview will be aired on 16th November at 7 PM ET. You will have the opportunity to watch the whole thing at world-wire on 16th November.

A glimpse of the interview

How to watch Mike Lindell and Donald Trump Interview

You can watch Mike Lindell and Donald trump interview on, you will be able to watch the full interview. We will be broadcasting the full 40-minute interview with President Trump here on world-wire.


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Mike Lindell asks President Donald Trump some profound and meaningful questions in this interview. During the interview, Mike asked President Trump, “What exactly do you (the President) do to maintain such a high level of emotional strength to deal with all the negativity that the news outlets spread?” And his answer was just as good as the question.


What to expect from the interview

During this interview, you can expect Mike Lindell to ask president trump deep and meaningful questions. You can expect him to ask questions like, How the media manipulates the American people. You can expect insights into how president Trump managed his work and hate from the media at the same time. Trump says in the interview that the Democrats opposed many important bills he supported during his tenure, such as a strong military, education, a good house, and the safety of the American people.



On 16th November at 7 PM ET, you can watch the full interview of Mike Lindell’s historic conversation with the 45th President of America Donald Trump on world-wire exclusively. Join our telegram group : World-Wire Telegram group to stay updated.

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