Watch Patel Patriot Interviews Gregg Phillips [Full Interview]

Patel Patriot Interviews Gregg Phillips

Patel Patriot recently interviewed Gregg Phillips from True The Vote, which Phillips claims that big things are coming down the line that are “more explosive than the mules.”

Keeping up with the world’s events is difficult because there’s so much going on. The revelations in Dinesh Desouza’s latest documentary “2000 Mules” have been one of the most significant stories of the past month. There are lots of people who made the documentary possible, even though he gets most of the credit. Gregg Phillips is one of them.

His contributions are remarkable. In the days following the release of the film, the film’s lead investigator, Gregg Phillips, has kept very close to the vest. After the film’s release, political explosions have taken place as a result. One example is Yuma County, Arizona. The investigation into election fraud is in progress in over 20 cases at the time of this writing.

It looks like things could get even crazier soon. In a recent interview, Gregg Phillips revealed that True the Vote is getting ready to release more bombshells that are much bigger than what was in the film.


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