Latest News - USA - Watch Pete Buttigieg Interview on The Breakfast Club

Watch Pete Buttigieg Interview on The Breakfast Club

Watch Pete Buttigieg Interview on The Breakfast Club

Pete Buttigieg recently appeared on The Breakfast Club, a New York based Radio Program hosted by Charlamagne Tha God. The interview was quite intriguing, with equally interesting questions and conversation. Watch the full interview in this article.


Pete on The Breakfast Club

During an appearance on a prominent New York City-based morning radio program on Friday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg looked astonished to find that black voters are growing increasingly angry with the Biden administration.

“You do realize, Pete, a lot of black people feel like Democrats haven’t kept any promises since they’ve been in office,” host Charlamagne Tha God said to the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., on “The Breakfast Club.”

The breakfast club

Buttigieg was taken aback and said, “Really?” “Yes,” replied Charlemagne. “That’s something Rev. Al [Sharpton] has said a million times.” The transportation secretary then stated that he is aware of the situation.

“I understand because the job isn’t finished.” But the reason I use the word “really” is that we recently enacted one of the most significant pieces of infrastructure legislation in American history. Buttigieg was referring to President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion package approved in November when he added, “It was a promise… and we actually did it.”

About Pete Buttigieg

On January 19, 1982, Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg was born. He is the United States Secretary of Transportation, and he is an American politician and former military commander. He was the 32nd mayor of South Bend, Indiana, from 2012 until 2020, and gained the moniker “Mayor Pete” as a result of his Democratic Party affiliation. Buttigieg is a Rhodes Scholar who attended Oxford University after graduating from Harvard College.

He served in the United States Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer from 2009 to 2017, rising to the rank of lieutenant. In 2014, he was mobilized and sent to Afghanistan for seven months.

Buttigieg served on the campaigns of Democrats Jill Long Thompson, Joe Donnelly, and John Kerry before being elected Mayor of South Bend in 2011.

Peter Buttigieg

He also campaigned unsuccessfully for Indiana State Treasurer in 2010. Buttigieg came out as a homosexual while serving as mayor of South Bend in 2015.  In June 2018, he married Chasten Glezman, a schoolteacher and writer. Buttigieg has decided not to seek re-election to a third term as mayor.

Buttigieg entered the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries as a candidate for president, commencing his campaign for the 2020 United States presidential election on April 14, 2019. He was one of the first out homosexual individuals to run for president of a major political party.

Despite originally modest expectations, he got a lot of traction in mid-2019 after participating in a number of town hall meetings and televised debates. Buttigieg won the Iowa caucuses by a razor-thin margin and finished second in the New Hampshire primary.


He became the first homosexual presidential contender to win a presidential primary or caucus by winning Iowa. On March 1, 2020, Buttigieg pulled out of the race and backed Joe Biden the next day.

In December 2020, President-elect Biden announced Buttigieg as his choice for Secretary of Transportation. On February 2, 2021, his nomination was confirmed by a vote of 86–13, becoming him the first out homosexual Cabinet secretary in US history. He was nominated at the age of 38, making him the youngest Cabinet member in the Biden administration and the youngest Secretary of Transportation ever.


After graduating from Oxford, Buttigieg worked for three years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Chicago, where he focused on energy, retail, economic development, and logistics. At McKinsey, his clients included Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Best Buy, Loblaws, two nonprofit environmentalist groups, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Energy Foundation, and several US government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Department, Defense Department, and Postal Service.

In 2008, he took a leave of absence from McKinsey to work as the research director for Jill Long Thompson’s failed governorship bid in Indiana. Trips to Iraq and Afghanistan were part of his job at McKinsey, which he seldom mentions. In 2010, Buttigieg quit McKinsey to devote his whole attention to his campaign for Indiana state treasurer.


Since 2005, Buttigieg has been a fellow at the Truman National Security Project, where he specializes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2014, he was appointed to the organization’s board of advisors.

Buttigieg said on January 23, 2019, that he will organize an exploratory committee to run for President of the United States in the 2020 election. Buttigieg ran for the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy. He would have been the youngest and first openly homosexual president of the United States if he had been elected. In the midst of Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, he released his first book, Shortest Way Home, on February 12, 2019. Buttigieg formally began his campaign on April 14, 2019, in South Bend, two months later.

Buttigieg is identified as a progressive who believes in democratic capitalism. Buttigieg, according to historian David Mislin, is a pragmatic progressive in the mould of the once-powerful Social Gospel movement in the Midwest. Regulatory capture, according to Buttigieg, is a major issue in American culture.

Secretary Buttigieg

Buttigieg, who was formerly considered a long shot, had risen to the top of the main field by December 2019. Buttigieg won 26.2 per cent of the vote in the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses, compared to Bernie Sanders’ 26.1 per cent, and won 14 delegates to Sanders’ 12. Buttigieg’s first national endorsement, the LGBTQ Victory Fund, emphasized that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to win a state presidential primary.

In the New Hampshire primary, Buttigieg came in second to Sanders. Buttigieg stepped out of the campaign on March 1, 2020, after finishing fourth in the South Carolina primary with 8.2 per cent of the vote, trailing Joe Biden (48.7%), Bernie Sanders (19.8%), and Tom Steyer (11.3 per cent).

Buttigieg founded Win The Era PAC, a new super PAC dedicated to raising money and distributing it to down-ballot Democrats, in April 2020. Jaime Harrison, Cal Cunningham, Gina Ortiz Jones, Christine Hunschofsky, and Levar Stoney were among the candidates endorsed by the PAC, which concentrated on local elected offices. The University of Notre Dame announced on June 8, 2020, that Buttigieg has been appointed as a teacher and researcher for the 2020–21 academic year. Buttigieg will also issue his second book, Trust: America’s Best Chance, in October 2020.



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