Watch President Donald Trump Delivers Keynote Speech in Florida [Full Speech]

President Trump to speak at Heritage's Annual Leadership Conference in Amelia Island, FL on 4/21/22

Watch Trump’s speech at the Heritage Foundation’s Annual Leadership Conference 2022

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What’s this speech about?

Recently President Donald Trump went to the Heritage Foundation’s 2022 leadership conference. The 45th president’s address marked the first time, he delivered a speech to the group in five years. Kevin Roberts had welcomed Trump to this special event. The event occurred in Amelia Island, Florida, around 5:45 p.m. EDT on April 21. Trump’s highly anticipated address was attended by a private audience of about 200 guests. Amelia Island is the northernmost barrier island On Florida’s Atlantic coast. The Island is located just 15 miles east of Interstate 95.

Trump spoke about the 2020 elections

Former President Trump spoke to top Heritage Foundation followers in Florida on Thursday evening. He used the keynote as a chance to share stories about several of his presidential achievements, treating it as if it were a voice at one of his rallies.


“Then we may do this again,” he said, referring to his 2020 presidential campaign. He also voiced his admiration for U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who lately overturned the federal travel mask mandate, saying that he is “very proud of her.” “The masks will be removed,” he added, citing a Trump-appointed judge.

Trump mentioned Heritage is progressing

At Heritage, President Trump will deliver the following a series of regulation addresses from conservative leaders. Heritage is progressing its very own priority areas, which will be at the heart of the conservative policy platform in 2022 and beyond. President Trump stated that the United States had been going through dark days and immense suffering due to a dramatic shift aside from America First.

President Trump

“However, if we work together with a purpose, America’s authenticity will not be lost.” We have the capability and the responsibility to turn this situation around in order to save America.” Most of President Trump’s successes, such as his Supreme Court nominations, were backed by Heritage. Trump took a dig at the current administration, saying, “In the last year and a half, we’ve had a number of major setbacks, including at the border. The border is a disaster.”

Because of the radical shift away from America First, America is facing dark days and tremendous plight,” President Trump said. “However, if we act with purpose, America’s greatness will not be lost.” We have the ability and the responsibility to turn this situation around in order to save America.”

Trump mentioned the current state of affairs in the country

Many of President Trump’s accomplishments were backed by Heritage, including his Supreme Court nominations, tax cuts and federal regulations, pro-life policies, immigration enforcement, broadening household power generation, and advancing American interests on the international stage while and became the first president in decades to avoid starting new wars.


He also speculated that if Russian President Vladimir Putin had not witnessed Biden’s turbulent military exit from Afghanistan, he would not have invaded Ukraine. Several times, the former president mentioned “corrupt” illegal voting in the 2020 u.s. presidential election. “It’s a disappointment,” he said, that “Big Pharma” profits from giving children drugs known as “puberty blockers.” He also condemned men partaking in women’s sports when it came to transgenderism. Trump also stressed the significance of acting “decisively.”

What did Heritage President Kevin Roberts say?

“We require bold leaders who speak candidly,” Heritage President Kevin Roberts said, “and President Donald Trump is courageous to do that as Big Tech and the media try to silence him.”


“We’re extremely thankful that he might join us in Florida to explain the massive problems of our day and narrow down the breakdowns of the Biden-Harris regime,” Roberts said of the 45th president’s upcoming address.

Recent Heritage Foundation Policies

The Heritage Foundation recently released a new set of policies aligned with America First that it will prioritise beginning in 2022. “Empower parents to make educational choices,” according to one of the seven new policies. America’s borders must be secured, and crime must be reduced. Ensure that elections are free and fair.

The Heritage Foundation

Inflation and spending growth should be reversed. China’s communist threat must be countered. Make Big Tech answerable. “Take care of the unborn.” Heritage has hosted a number of events with prominent conservatives and former Trump administration officials. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were among the speakers at recent events hosted by the organisation.

About The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation has fought for individual liberty, limited government, individual liberty, typical American value systems, and a strong national defence for nearly 50 years. From taxes and regulations to violent acts and national defence, They paved the way for reform in every policy area. Heritage has the talent to solve complex policy problems with simple and efficient conservative solutions, thanks to its over 100 policy experts.


Through the website, The Daily Signal, and social media, They reached tens of millions of Americans with options. Heritage experts appear dozens of times on tv and radio per week, publicly release large numbers of policy research papers each year, and platform hundreds of meetings with community organising representatives and locally and nationally officials.

Who is Kevin Roberts?

In October 2021, Kevin Roberts, PhD, has been named president of The Heritage Foundation. He took over from former Heritage President Kay C. James as the organisation’s seventh president in its 48-year history. Roberts was previously the chief executive officer of the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute based in Austin that is the nation’s largest state think tank. TPPF more than doubled in size under Roberts’ leadership. He as well expanded the Texas think tank’s national reach by starting an office in Washington, D.C., to inform federal policy debates with TPPF research.



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