Watch Race Baiting Leftist Crushed by Charlie Kirk with Facts And Logic

Watch Race Baiting Leftist Crushed by Charlie Kirk with Facts And Logic

Watch Charlie Kirk- leftist showdown on the Educate Don’t Mandate Tour

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The leftist’s stupidity explained

This is probably the funniest and spiciest conservative news yet. The conservative community needs some fun. Let’s laugh at this leftist’s stupidity.

So, let us break down this situation from the start, a tween looking girl arrogantly asks why 38.3% of the inmates in the US are black whilst only 12.2% of our national population is black. This was in response to Charlie saying that he didn’t believe in white privilege. Charlie swiftly responds by saying, “So why are they in jail?”

Argumentative Leftist

This is followed by a deafening silence by the crowd and a moment of silence from the argumentative leftist. Then the leftist makes unimportant claims and is interrupted by Charlie asking the same question again. To which the leftist responds with another question, “Why are black people in jail at Higher rates than white people?” Charlie succinctly responds by saying, “Maybe because they commit more crimes than white people.”

This statement is followed by an ovation by the crowd. To this statement, the argumentative leftist responds by stating that it is not true. She is then interrupted by Charlie as he states that blacks do in fact commit more crimes than whites. He states that in New York, 52% of murders are committed by blacks, 40% of arson and 60% of drug deals. He then corrects the leftist by saying that the question that they really need to be asking is “Why do the blacks commit more crimes?”

Charlie kirk

Then, Charlie asks the leftist the real question, “What percentage of blacks are raised with two parents in the home?” The leftist then takes off on an unrelated tangent, stating that in 2019, black people only committed 1 million crimes while white people committed 4 million crimes. However, in this false tangent, she doesn’t take into account the proportion of black people to white people in this country.

There are a lot more white people than black people in the US. 60% of this country is black whilst only 14% is black. This just proves Charlie’s point that black people are committing a disproportionate amount of crime. After Charlie states the same, the crowd bursts into shouts and claps.

Charlie then sums up the whole argument by saying that the reason that blacks are committing more crimes is that the black family is broken. He states that less than 20% of black people are raised by 2 parents. The argument then just revolves around the leftist getting mad and making useless claims and idiotic fallacies.

About Charlie Kirk

Since its inception, Charlie Clark has been the public face of Turning Point. Since then, he has also served as its executive director. According to the New York Times, he has transformed the group into a “well-funded media operation backed by conservative mega-donors like Wyoming businessman Foster Friess,”

Charlie Kirk’s childhood and education

Kirk was born on the 14th of October, 1993. Kirk was born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. He grew up in the Illinois suburb of Prospect Heights.

He volunteered for Illinois Republican Mark Kirk’s US Senate campaign during his junior year at Wheeling High School. He isn’t related to Mark Kirk in any way.

He also started a campaign in his senior year to repeal a price rise on cookies at his school. He also authored an essay for Breitbart News accusing high school textbooks of leftist bias, which led to an appearance on Fox Business. “All of my teachers were openly Marxists and socialists that would indoctrinate and not educate and would put forth an agenda that was not even about free flow discussion or ideas,” he added. He went on to say, “It was about the punishment of anyone who would ever oppose the idea of cultural Marxism, bigger government, and centralized command economy control.”


He explained that he had a lot of disagreements with his instructors, who were all radical lefties. As you can see, Kirk was quite involved in his studies.

Kirk met Bill Montgomery while speaking at Benedictine University’s “Youth empowerment day.” Bill was a retiree who was more than 50 years his senior at the time.

Montgomery urged Kirk to devote his whole time to political action since he recognized Kirk’s enthusiasm for it. With Bill Montgomery, he co-founded Turning Point USA.

charlie kirk & Trump

He eventually grew the company to a manageable level. Kirk met Foster Friess, a prominent Republican fundraiser, during the 2012 Republican National Convention and encouraged him to fund his group.

Kirk subsequently said that he applied to the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, but was turned down. “The slot I considered mine, went to a far less qualified candidate of a different gender and a different persuasion,” he stated.

Later, he claimed to The New Yorker that he was joking when he stated it. Then he explained to the Chicago Tribune that he was “just repeating something he’d been told” Then he claimed he never stated it at a New Hampshire Turning Point rally.

Charlie Kirk’s net worth

Charlie Kirk has a net worth of $3 million as of December 2021.


Turning Point USA’s finances were scrutinized by ProPublica in 2020, and the study said that the “organization made misleading financial claims.”


According to their reports, the organization’s audits were not performed by an independent auditor. Kirk’s pay had also climbed from $27,000 to over $300,000, and he had purchased an $855,000 property on Longboat Key, Florida, according to the article.

Conspiracy theories and Charlie Kirk

Kirk embraces a variety of conspiracy theories, including cultural Marxism. The primary assumption of the cultural Marxism conspiracy theory is that Western Marxism is the foundation of ongoing academic and intellectual endeavours to destroy Western culture. According to the thesis, a small group of Marxist intellectuals and thinkers is corrupting western culture.

Charlie Kirk tweet

Kirk is particularly noted for his scathing criticism of colleges, describing them as “islands of totalitarianism” He also stated incorrectly that “yellow vest movement” demonstrators in France yelled, “We Want Trump.” Donald Trump then reiterated these charges.





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