Watch ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre Live Stream

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre Live Stream

Watch Reawaken America Tour Livestream from Myrtle Beach

Livestream begins: May 14, 9:00 am EDT

The ReAwaken America Tour, also known as the Reopen America Tour, is a conservative conference organised by Clay Clark, a conservative podcast host, and Michael Flynn, a retired US army lieutenant. Family, faith, conservative faith, and many other topics are discussed by the speakers. The event includes a gathering of national far-right A-listers. On World Wire, you can watch the ReAwaken America Tour live stream.

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre Live Stream

Those who cannot attend the event on the appointed dates can watch the live stream right here on World Wire.

ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre: Schedule

The ReAwaken America Tour, also known as the Reopen America Tour, is a conservative conference run by the conservative podcast host, Clay Clark and retired U.S army lieutenant, Michael Flynn. The speakers talk about family, faith, conservative faith and much more.

ReAwaken America Tour, SC

The conference features a gathering of national far-right A-listers. The upcoming conference of the ReAwaken America Tour is scheduled for May 13th and 14th at Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach.

Steps to Buy tickets for ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre

You can buy your tickets for ReAwaken America Tour Carolina Opry Theatre here.

ReAwaken America Tour Guest Speakers

The ReAwaken America Tour is being hosted by Clay Clark at the Carolina Opry Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC. It features a number of speakers who discuss topics such as liberty, faith, family, health, and conservative family values. Each presentation lasts about 15-20 minutes. There will be a wide diversity of conservative voices among the speakers. Here are the speakers from Phoenix, many of whom will also be speaking in San Diego and Canton.

  • Aiya Kelley

Aiya Attaway Kelly is well-known in central Oklahoma for her innovative leadership, teaching, and exceptional musical talent. Aiya began her church leadership positions at the tender age of eight, when she became the church pianist, as the musically gifted child with not one, but two church ministers. Aiya was in high demand as a singer and pianist for regional or national church conferences by the time she started high school.

Aiya Kelley
Aiya Kelley

Aiya established a successful piano studio as a teenager while also working as a Youth/Choral Director at the Bible Missionary Church in Texas. She had a lot of success with her piano students at regional and national competitions. Some of her high school students later served in the church. Aiya graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance.

She studied Asian Studies as a minor, with a focus on Japanese because she is fluent in the language. She also earned a Master’s degree in jazz studies from the University of Central Oklahoma while working as a record producer and jazz pianist. She is pursuing a PhD in Academic Leadership Studies at the moment. She will be delivering a speech.

  • Amanda Grace

She battled a rare autoimmune neuropathy called small fibre neuropathy for 16 years, eventually ending up in a wheelchair in 2014 and unable to move from the waist down. She miraculously got out of her wheelchair and began an amazing journey with the Lord to wellbeing and redemption from what she had lost, thanks to her mountain-moving faith and God’s intervention.

Amanda Grace
Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace preaches prophetically charged mountain moving faith as she teaches the Word of God to others and encourages those going through a difficult time. She also runs an animal sanctuary called Ark of Grace, which she frequently mentions on her YouTube channel and in her Bible lessons. Amanda longs to see those who persevere with the Lord’s help and truly believe in Him. Amanda will deliver her remarks at the event.

  •  Andy Wakefield

Dr Andrew Wakefield, MBBS., is a gastroenterologist who works in academia. In 1981, he graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School in London with a medical degree. In 1985, he became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and provided training as a gastrointestinal surgeon with a focus on inflammatory bowel disease.

In order to study small-intestinal transplantation in Toronto, he has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship. In 2001, he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in the United Kingdom. More than 140 original scientific studies, review sites, and book chapters have been published by Wakefield.

Dr Andrew Wakefield
Dr Andrew Wakefield

In 1995, he was consulted by the parent of an autistic child with stomach problems while working as an academic physician in a London teaching hospital. He soon discovered from other parents of autistic children that their children’s regressive behaviour coincided with the administration of the MMR vaccine.

He began looking into the link between gastrointestinal problems, the MMR vaccine, and childhood neurological injury. Dr. Wakefield took part in a study of twelve children with stomach and developmental issues to see if there was a link. Wakefield would go on to become one of the most revered figures in medical history as a result of the subsequent report, which he co-authored with twelve other authors. He will be coming as one of the guest speakers.

  • Bianca Garcia

Bianca Rose Garcia (born June 1986) is a politician from New Hampshire, United States. She did serve in this same New Hampshire House of Reps as a Republican from 2012 to 2014. Garcia earned a bachelor’s degree from the Curtis Research centre of Music in 2006.

Bianca Garcia
Bianca Garcia

She went on to the New England College of Music for her master’s degree, which she received in 2008. She studied in Rome as a Fulbright Scholar in 2009. Garcia performs in “The Seraphim Duo” with her sister, Marilinda Garcia, a recently departed New Hampshire representative who plays the harp. She is expected to deliver her remarks at the event.

  •  Bo Polny

Bo Polny, a notable cycles timer analyst in the Gold, Silver, and Cryptocurrency markets is based in Newport Beach, California. On YouTube, he is indeed the founder and face of Gold 2020 Forecast, including over 10 million views on his videos. Bo has appeared on network television shows such as CNBC Symmetric Encryption Trader, ElijahStreams, HisGlory, United States, Kitco, and the ReAwakenAmericaTour, and has spoken at dozens of other conferences around the world.

Bo went on to graduate near the top of the class as a chiropractor in 1991, moved to Florida to pursue his career, and built up one of the county’s largest interdisciplinary health clinics in just a few years. Later, he was named one of the Orange Coast’s “Top Doctors.” Bo was challenged with a personal family challenge after 20 years in private practice, which induced him to reconsider his life and priorities, resulting in a burning desire to do more of God’s will rather than pursue self-interests.

Bo Polny
Bo Polny

Bo sold his clinic, left his career as a chiropractor behind, and began researching the precious metals market, which struck a chord with him. He always was intrigued by silver and gold, but the more he studied the industry, the more he discovered that its movements were eerily similar to biblical timing patterns, particularly a cycle known as Daniel’s Timeline. He is going to give a 15 minute speech at the event.

Brendan Witt, Bruce Goodmansen, Bryan Ardis, Chad Prather, Charlie Kirk, Clay Clark,  Cordie Williams, David Rodriguez, Dr Fleming, Dr Jane Ruby, Dr Jim Meehan, Dr Mark Sherwood, Dr Ra Ashid Buttar, Dr Stella Immanuel, Dream Church, Emily Peterson, Eric Trump, Floyd Brown, Flyover Conservatives, Gene Ho, General Michael Flynn and others are also coming to the event to give their remarks.


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