Watch Rodeo Rally live with Mike Lindell and Kari Lake

Watch Rodeo Rally live with Mike Lindell and Kari Lake

Kari Lake the candidate for the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election is going live with Mike Lindell from Rodeo rally in Morristown, Arizona. You can watch the livestream of the Rodeo Rally from Arizona here.

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About Rodeo Rally Arizona

Arizona is hosting its first ever rodeo rally. People are going to join the rally in person, on cycle and with their cars. The Rodeo rally is happening in Western Trails Ranch in Morristown, Arizona.

Rodeo Rally Guest-list

Below is the list of people joining the Arizona rodeo rally :

  • Kari Lake
  • Mike Lindell
  • Josh Scott
  • AJ Penta
  • Brandon Tatum


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