Watch Save America Rally Live From Cullman, Alabama

Watch Save America Rally Live From Cullman, Alabama

The Trump rally will take place this weekend in Cullman. It’s his first visit in four years. Rock the South was at York Family Farms the weekend before, but this rally will probably be even bigger. There’s really no way to know how many people will actually show up, but Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl says there’ll be more than 20,000.

While preparing for this campaign, I’m drawing strength from the special relationship between the people of Alabama and Donald Trump. The energy that comes from that helps me stay motivated as I continue working day and night to make this happen,” said Wahl.

Steps to watch Trump’s Save America Rally Live

Donald Trump will be going live from Cullman, Alabama for his trump rally around 7 pm
You can watch the Trump Rally live on our website
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York Family Farms will be the site of Trump’s rally, which will likely be bigger and better than Rock the South. The Alabama Republican Party chairman says he’s expecting a massive crowd of more than 20,000 people, though there’s no way to know for sure how many people will actually show up.

Since the event will be conducted outside, Wahl says as many people as possible will be able to attend provided their schedules permit it. As a result, traffic is going to be heavy throughout the day. Law enforcement and secret service will direct people as they exit the Interstate 65 and help to manage parking as they get off.

Mike Lindell to speak in Trump’s Save America Rally

Mike Lindell announced that he will be speaking as a special speaker in the event. Mike is said to be speaking around 4 Pm in the rally.

To Watch Mike Lindell Live you can should visit videos section where we are hosting the live streaming of the event.

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