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    Seth Holehouse ( Man in America ) to go live with Seth Keshel Live with Wendy Rogers

    Seth Keshel who is a election analyst is going live with Seth Holehouse who is hosting a live show to discuss how can we look to 2024 without fixing 2020? What is happening with the Maricopa audit? Are we ever going to see justice?.

    About Seth Keshel

    According to his twitter bio he is a patriot and a former Army Captain.

    About Seth Holehouse

    Seth Holehouse is a political activist and makes videos on various issues happening in the USA on his rumble and youtube channel.

    About Wendy Rogers

    Wendy Rogers is a politician from the United States. Since 2021, she has represented Arizona’s 6th district in the Arizona Senate.

    You can catch them all live here on this page.

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