Watch the Justice for J6 Rally Live stream from Massachusetts

Watch the Justice for J6 Rally Live stream from Massachusetts

The rallies are being organised in order to show support for those who have been detained by law enforcement authorities in connection to the January 6 violence but have not been formally pressed with criminal charges.

Date, Time, and Location for J6 Rally in Massachusetts

Date and Time: September 25 at Noon

Location: State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA

Braynard started the non-profit organisation Look Ahead America after he was dismissed by Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, but his fortunes changed after Trump’s 2020 loss. He joined an aggrieved group of Trump allies seeking to overturn the election – and in the process reaped recognition, lucrative fees and fundraising windfall.

The Capitol Police estimated between 400 and 450 people were inside the police perimeter at the protest, though a good portion of the crowd was composed of journalists and cameramen.

Watch J6 rally live from Massachusetts

You can watch the rally on this page. With a massive inter-agency security presence in and around the Capitol, there was minimal violence and, according to Capitol Police, four arrests: one for possession of a knife, another for possession of a firearm and two for outstanding warrants.

Trump called the rally a “setup” in an interview with The Federalist on Thursday, though he also put out a statement decrying the treatment of Capitol riot defendants the same day. Collins and Kent didn’t seem to mind their divergence with Trump, however. “I think today was a very huge success,” Collins said. “It was peaceful, we were able to get our message out loud and clear.”

The “Justice for J6” rally is being organised by Look Ahead America, a non-profit organisation led by Matt Braynard, who worked as an analyst for the Republican Party.

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