Watch The Plot To Steal America Documentary

Watch The Plot To Steal America Documentary

Watch The plot to steal America, which is a great piece of work by Man in America where he discusses the involvement of other countries and propagandists in disturbing the political harmony of America and rigging the 2020 presidential election. The documentary is available for streaming on Youtube and Man In America’s Rumble channel.

Watch Seth Holehouse’s The Plot To Steal America Documentary

Watch the plot to steal america documentary below :

The video, in which Holehouse dispelled a number of discredited election conspiracy theories, claimed that the election was clearly stolen by President-elect Joe Biden, and that American political parties and media outlets had been taken over by the Chinese communist government.

“I hope you are now able to see that communism is the invisible enemy, and the Chinese Communist Party is the deadly virus,” Holehouse said in the video.

In all, the president retweeted or tweeted portions of the video four times, garnering over 200,000 retweets and 2 million views. The subscribers to Holhouse’s Man in America YouTube channel have exploded over the past month, increasing from 5,000 on Dec. 15 to nearly 60,000 as of Dec. 28, according to analytics site SocialBlade.

Despite Holehouse’s massive popularity, the millions of viewers who have viewed the video may not be aware that Holehouse has extensive ties to a Chinese religious movement that is rumored to believe Trump will usher in the apocalypse.

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