Watch the whole Chaska River City Days Parade video 2021

Watch the whole Chaska River City Days Parade video 2021

Chaska river city days is a festival that is hosted by the chaska river in minnesota. In 2021 there was an event called the Chaska River City Days Parade whose videos went viral. The parade festival is an annual festival, every year thousands of citizens come out to celebrate the festival with their friends and family.

Mike Lindell In Chaska river parade live video

In the video you can see that Mike lindell actively took part in the chaska river parade that happend in his hometown, Minnesota on July 25, 2021.


Chaska River City Days

Chaska river city days is a park that helps you celebrate your summers with your friends and family. The address of chaska river city days is

The City Square Park,  300 N Chestnut St., Chaska MN  55318

If you wish to volunteer for chaska river city days you can click here to do the same.

Events in the chaska river city days are 

  • Car Show
  • Disc Golf
  • Parade
  • 5k Run
  • Archery.


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