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    The Live event has Ended. We have added the recordings of the day 2 below. If you want see the recordings of day 1 – click here

    Recording 1 – September 11

    Recording 2 – September 11

    Recording 3 – September 11

    Recording 4 – September 11

    Watch Replay day 1 Click to watch Full Recording of Day 1

    Earlier this week, Brad Barton announced his event called “We the People Reunion” which will bring together some of the biggest names in Conservative patriotism including Gen. Flynn, Lin Wood, Candace Owens, Mike Lindell, and many more.
    The event will begin at 12 p.m. on 10th September 2021 and end at 11 p.m. on 11th September 2021.
    Update : You can watch the Live stream at 12 p.m at here : Brad Barton Livestream

    Watch We The People Reunion Saturday Event Live

    You can watch Brad Barton’s We The People Reunion Saturday Event live here on this page.

    We the People Reunion Event Location

    The event is taking place at Muhlenberg County Agriculture & Convention Center Fairgrounds Powderly, KY, 42367.

    Brad Barton Kentucky Event Live Stream

    You can watch the event live here on this page.

    Kentucky Reunion event Live Stream

    You can watch the event live here on this page.


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    • I’m surprised Brad Barton and a lot of his guests are talking about conspiracy theories out in public.

      Has he gotten to the part where he believes JFK Jr and his wife are still alive? Michael Jackson and Elvis too? You see they are in witness protection and knew too much about the Cabal, so they faked their deaths.

      Oh and Walmart has tunnels under all their stores for child sex trafficking. When kids go to the toy dept, they are pulled down into the tunnels and become sex slaves for the elite.

      According to them, Tom Hanks, Hillary, Mike Pence…. And several other high profile people have all been executed.

      On top of that, they all believe Biden and his administration are not really at the White House. They are really at Gitmo or at Castle Rock studios. Everyone else are actors playing a part and all wearing theatrical masks, including Pelosi.

      Yep. You should follow Brad. He and his followers are nut cases!

      • Are you serious? I had heard some talk of these crazy theories going around on the internet. So you are saying that Mr Barton is a part of this? I am shocked! He seemed like such a normal person. I am disappointed and if I were there I would ask for a refund. I thought it was a gathering of patriots, not speakers who spread insanity.

        • Redbird – Yes. Brad is a BIG conspiracy spreader. He believes JFK Jr is still alive along with his wife, Elvis, and Michael Jackson too. JFK Jr is to be Trumps VP.

          And even crazier is that Walmart is into child trafficking because they evidently have tunnels under all their stores. Kids go into the toy dept and get dragged into the tunnels never to be seen again.

          Seems like something like that would have thousand of parents telling anyone with a microphone about all those missing kids in Walmart.

          Their logic defies comprehension.

          There’s a lot more, but you get the picture. Brad isn’t what he portrays.

          Stay far far away.

      • You always change the argument. Instead of talking about the fraudulent voting, you discredit the person claiming it. Why don’t you liars ever want to debate the actual facts?

        • There’s really nothing to debate. There’s no evidence of voter fraud. Had there been, Republican judges would have intervened. But, I’d be happy to have an actual moderated debate and have already challenge me your dear leader Brad to have one. Crickets.

      • Yup, we’re crazy alright , Crazy for thinking out Gov. Was putting it’s citizens first , instead their putting everyone else BUT us 1st.not to mention thinking the MSM practiced honest & non-biased news but that was way too much to ask of them I guess! Well we’ve woke up WWG1WGA. we’ll see who’s the crazy ones very shortly!!

        • How soon is “very shortly?” When will you quit moving the goalposts and give up. None of Brad Barton’s predictions have come true. None.

    • Live Stream went off the air early, during Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Brad’s link to purchase the live stream only worked for Friday! How do I purchase the live stream for Saturday?

    • WAS enjoying the We the People reunion, but you cut me off!!! I watched from right on first opening on 9/11/21, then tried for half an hour to use your prompt button to watch it after I’d signed off for awhile. Real nice way to encourage me to donate? Thank you for at least yesterday and 1hr today 11th.

    • This is a cult. Brad Barton and all of the Q BS is hurting so many people. Please stop. Nothing is “about to happen.” Nothing will be “revealed.” Donald Trump is not a deity. This type of stuff has completely ruined the Republican Party.

      • They set up for up to 10,000 attendees.
        $125, $250 and $500 per person tickets.

        Why won’t the camera pan across the 10,000 attendees? There’s no video shots of all the people there.

        Naysayers say, there’s less than 275 people who attended Fri, fewer on Sat, and only half that number on Sunday.

        Show all the thousands and thousands of people who support the return of Trump.
        Who know that the 56 cases about election were all corrupt.
        In each of those 56 cases, no evidence was allowed to be presented. What more proof do we need that all the states controlled by democrats, and even a few controlled by republicans (even though most of the cases were in Republican states) ran sham court cases. 0 out of 56 cases, tells you that its all rigged. The election was rigged, and all 56 cases in 13 states were rigged.

        Trump didn’t return to power in May, or August as planned, but now the date is late fall, sometime late 2021. Mike said it. We know it will happen !

    • You can cite all the wild theories out there and try to associate it with our movement but cannot deny widespread corruption…or are you fine with leaving our people behind enemy lines and unconstitutional vaccine mandates especially with Dr Fauci and what we now know. Remember, he who laughs last, laughs best. There were over 5,000 people at that event at $125 – $500 a pop…scoff if you must.

    • What a joke!!! 10,000 attendees? More delusional Trumpsters spewing Q-anon foolishness. This has to be a gathering of some of the dumbest people on earth.