Watch Who’s Stealing America Documentary by Epoch Times

Watch Who’s Stealing America Documentary by Epoch Times

Epoch times is one of the most trusted news outlet across the United States. This 2020 election investigative documentary is based on the widely popular claim of Dominion’s parent company receiving $400M in donations just a month before the US presidential elections. This documentary also questions the unaccounted halting of vote counting in key swing states. 

There were a number of irregularities observed on election night, Nov. 3, followed by numerous specific allegations of election fraud. Although the legitimacy of the 2020 election has been questioned and evidence has emerged, most mainstream media outlets have stuck to one-sided narratives that claim this will be the most secure election in American history and sought to silence any opposition.

Watch Who’s Stealing America Documentary

You can watch the documentary below.

What does the documentary Say?

During the night of the election, why was the vote count halted in key swing states? What are the problems and potential fraud involved with mail-in ballots? How secure is the Dominion Voting System? Dominion Voting Systems’ parent company received $400 million less than a month before the election. Why is this a significant sum? What is being done behind the scenes to influence the U.S. election? A society that is increasingly divided in America is whose benefit? At this historic juncture, what will become of the United States?

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