Wenatchee Convention Center Parking Guide

Wenatchee Convention Center Parking Guide

The Wenatchee Convention Center is situated in downtown Wenatchee, Washington. It is owned by the city of Wenatchee and was created in 1980. In 1997 it was expanded to 51,000 square feet (4,700 m2), and in 2016 it underwent a $3 million renovation. It is connected by a skyway across Second Street to a nine-story privately owned hotel, both managed by Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel.

It is centrally located in the heart of Washington State, the Wenatchee Convention Center offers 50,000 square feet of flexible meeting space in downtown Wenatchee. The convention center is an ideal location for conventions, meetings, and special events. The Center boasts a ballroom of over 10,000 square feet, a 7,500 square foot exhibition hall, and 14 additional breakout/meeting rooms ranging from 500 to 2,000 square feet. The Wenatchee Convention Center also offers full in-house catering and audio-visual capabilities.

Parking guide for The Wenatchee Convention Center

Wenatchee Convention Center
Wenatchee Convention Center

Parking is available on Wenatchee Avenue between 1st and 2nd Street. It is free of cost after 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Enter the theatre on Wenatchee Avenue into the upper lobby. There is also a parking facility in the Columbia Street parking lot free of cost. You can get to it by turning East on 1st or 2nd Street. Then enter the theatre through the Convention Center main entry. The lower lobby of the theatre is directly ahead of it.

Directions to reach The Wenatchee Convention Centre

  • From Seattle 

  1. Take I-90 East – Take the WA 970 North exit – exit number 85 to Wenatchee.
  2. Then take a turn to the left and cross over the freeway overpass, turn right and follow this highway over Blewett Pass after that.
  3. Once you come over Blewett Pass, take a right turn and stay on the highway all the way to Wenatchee which turns into Wenatchee Avenue.
  4. You will be at your destination Park your vehicle between 2nd and 1st Street or turn left on 2nd Street and park in the Columbia Street parking lot.
Wenatchee Convention Center
Wenatchee Convention Center
  • From Spokane

  1. Take I-90 West.
  2. Take the WA 281 North exit and the exit number is 151 toward Quincy/Wenatchee.
  3. Firstly turn right onto WA 281 and then turn left onto F Street SW.
  4. Take the ramp towards US-2 Business/City Center – Merge onto South Wenatchee Avenue.
  5. You will be at your destination,  Park between 1st and 2nd Street or turn right on 1st and park in the Columbia Street parking lot

Public Transit to the Wenatchee Convention Center

There is a facility of Airport Shuttle, bus, taxi, and train for the venue. You can book any of these public transport to reach the venue without any issues.

Handicapped parking  for Wenatchee Convention Center

Handicapped parking

There is a handicapped parking space in the Columbia Street parking lot. There is an elevator located in the Convention Center which is next to the stairs for easy access to them. Disability access to the theatre is available on the lower level of the Performing Arts Center.

Directions to get to the handicapped parking area are as follows:

  • Firstly take a  turn to the east on 1st or 2nd Street off of Wenatchee Avenue and park in the Columbia Street parking lot. After parking Enter the building through the convention center.
  • Assistive Listening devices are available for those who have hearing problems.

Tailgating at Wenatchee Convention Center

No, tailgating is not allowed at the Wenatchee Convention Center as there is sufficient space for vehicles to be parked. You can only park in the parking lot.

Street Parking at Wenatchee Convention Center

There is the availability of street parking at Wenatchee Convention Center. You can park on the street too. There is a distance of 16.9 km from the airport to the Avenue. Bus parking is also available at the center.

Reviews of the Wenatchee Convention Centre by the attendees

  • “Great place to have an event. The staff here always does a great job setting up and with all of the food.”
  • “It was not a bad place and I have been there before for other events. I am not sure of the costs but seemed nice. The only problem I had was that there were no fast food places nearby to duck out and get a quick bite to eat.”
Wenatchee Convention Center review
Wenatchee Convention Center review
  • “Shout out to Mayra & Derrick and the Convention Center staff for making our event a wonderful experience. Using radios to reach staff for help was awesome and should be implemented other places. We used all except two rooms for our 200+ person conference. The ability to change room sizes during intermissions or lunch was fantastic. By going with this facility, we were able to spend more time engaging with our attendees and less time worrying about details. The fact that projectors were provided in every room meant we didn’t have to bring our own. There were several things that helped us, but I reiterate that the staff is the most helpful group that made our event go extremely smooth.”
  • “Went to view the trees for the festival of trees. I love to take my family to this free viewing to get us in the holiday spirit.”
Wenatchee Convention Center review
Wenatchee Convention Center review
  • “Very clean and great staff. Their catering services are amazing from display to the quality of and very good food!”
  • “Really nice facility with good catering and helpful staff. The rooms are adjustable for size and we’ll be equipped with A/V equipment. They host a church service on Sunday mornings so if your event runs over a Sunday expect to be sharing the halls with bible-thumpers. Feel free to corrupt them for your own amusement.”

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