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All-Pro Pastors is a ministry founded in 2007 that addresses the issue of loneliness among pastors. It is a “pastor-to-pastor” ministry that brings pastors together in tiny groups of 4 to develop trust with encouragement, accountability, and lifelong relationships. It is also a ministry that provides ongoing words of inspiration and motivation with helpful resources, tools, and special events that pastors can link into.

All-Pro Pastors is reaching around the GLOBE through the power of technology and “pastors telling pastors.” Pastors throughout North America, Central America, Asia, Europe, and Africa are forming Champion’s Tables in increasing numbers and report that they significantly impact all relationships. Many other Continents and Countries are connecting the Kingdom together through Champion’s Tables and are sharing astonishing testimonies.

Significance of All Pro Pastors in pastors’ lives

Many pastors say, “Masses surround me, and still I am standing on an island all alone!” In recent surveys asking pastors the most challenging thing about being a pastor, the re-sounding number one answer was “not having a trusted loyal friend.”

As men, it is straightforward to keep things bottled up inside, and as pastors, their very nature puts them on guard. Many pastors are stepping down or out of the pastoral ministry every day due to the pressure and high expectations that they feel. The fact is, only another pastor can relate to what they think daily. 

Core values

It is with the aforesaid in mind the All-Pro Pastors stated what they call “The Champions Table“:

  • Commitment to Jesus, Wife, Children, The Body of Believers, and to never give up  I Timothy 3: 5
  • Humble as a Servant leader, accepting this Powerful God-given role (Humility)  Philippians 2:5-8
  • Accountable. God holds everyone personally accountable – we accept genuine self-accountability shared with a trusted few for counsel, strength, and Agape’s love. Proverbs 27:9
  • Mature – God expects us to be a “Role Model” by being Spiritually Mature Hebrews 5:13,14
  • Positive – Giving confidence to others by the words we speak and by displaying a victorious life attitude Philippians 4:13
  • Influence – realizing that the world is watching our every move, starting with our family, and diligently working to carry the Light of Jesus for all to see Matthew 5:16
  • Openness – We are transparent and trustworthy with a heart to heart confession, examination, counsel, and grace  Proverbs 27:17
  • Network – We support fellow “Champions” like a tightly woven garment, and we strongly encourage the support of Evangelical Christian businesses, churches, and all believers as co-laborers to reach the world for Jesus Ephesians 4:15, 16
  • Self Examination – To test ourselves against God’s Word and determine specific ways to Achieve improvement Galatians 6:3,4
The Champions Table

The development of “The Champion’s Table“ is a “God-given instruction” to be shared with all pastors. The All-Pro Pastors website states, “Pastor, the Table is a safe place! Jesus gave us an example to follow. We also call it ‘The Jesus Model.’

We believe that God has called pastors to lead, set the example, and be His “Champion Role Models.” Through the Champion’s Table, we see God changing pastors’ lives and their families, becoming leaders that men want to follow, and filling the void of aloneness by building trustworthy friendships!”

Events organized by All-Pro Pastors

All-Pro Pastors International is helping Pastors overcome the heartbreak of “aloneness” by bringing Pastors together in a format that has proven successful. “Christ is using” All-Pro Pastors to accomplish this mission utilizing several platforms:

  • Champion’s Tables – small groups of 4 Pastors meeting weekly in a much-needed, structured, simple, and utterly confidential forum with secure website weekly support.
  • Pastors Events – Luncheons, Breakfasts, Conferences, Retreats, and Seminars offer to Pastors informational and encouraging platforms that cover the real issues that are current and relevant in the lives of Pastors.
  • Speaking at existing Pastor/Leaders events such as monthly meetings and annual conferences
  • Mission Trips – International Pastor Conferences as well as USA/Global Pastor Unity Events
  • Website and Multi-media weekly challenges, news, devotionals, encouragement videos, Webinars, and social networking.

Letter from the founders

A letter from the founders, as on the All-Pro Pastors website, states:

‘Dear Pastor,

In 2003 the Lord spoke to me that we as Pastors need to learn to trust one another and to love each other. He also said that we as Pastors need to live” Holy” lives at home and embrace accountability. This word started my wife and me on a journey to begin a ministry called All Pro Pastors International(APPI).

The Lord gave me the vision of 4 pastors meeting together as men, which was called “The Champions Table”! The Champion’s Table is the foundation of APPI. It has helped pastors worldwide experience miracles, start lifelong friendships, save marriages and ministries, and unify the Body for Kingdom building. We are committed to praying for you and encouraging you to stay the course! When we say we love you, we mean it.

Please take the time to read through some of these great testimonies and watch some of the Pastor’s Testimonies and much more on our All-Pro Pastors YouTube Channel. We are sure the Holy Spirit has given this to us for all pastors, and it will bless you.

As a Pastor, it is your decision whether you want a strong “Accountability and Encouragement” table or simply a Fellowship/Friendship table. Both are incredibly essential in your life. These are a few examples of what makes a successful Champion’s Table:

  • Pastors who meet with Pastors from different churches/denominations/tribes/etc. (if at all possible).
  • “Four” Pastors are the best number at a Table. 5 or more reduce “Trust Building” genuine intimacy.
  • There are stages “Strong Tables” go through. : Fellowship-Friendship-Honesty-Encouragement-Commitment-Trust-Accountability-Achievement-Success-CHAMPIONS

The Table is not a Bible study. (You should already have this). It is easy for us as Pastors to avoid real issues by using the Bible as a way not to face them. The Table is for us as Men.

The Table is your Prayer Fortress! You can put any prayer needs on the Table because it is safe and secure.

Please read through the Champion’s Table Guidelines and pray about this for yourself. We love you, and this ministry strives to honor God best by serving you as His Servant. Press onward as Champions!

Your Servants,

Paul and Linda Pickern”

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