What is eLearning Gamification?

What is eLearning Gamification

Before starting this article, you should understand what you are reading and what this article is all about—so start with a basic question that comes to everyone’s mind when they are about to read or know something. So here we go. First of all.

What is eLearning Gamification
What is eLearning Gamification

What is eLearning Gamification?

Gamification is a simple process that helps to produce significant results. Integrated with other e-learning platforms, Gamification takes some elements of the game such as points, leveling, leader boards, etc., and uses them for motivating and also for training.

Well talking about eLearning, it is a simple concept to understand. E-learning is a sport of learning device used to grab information or to learn something new outside the classroom.

In many cases, eLearning refers to a course program or degree gained entirely online.
There are many terms stated to describe learning, which is gained online through the internet, distance education, electronic learning, online learning, etc.

E-learning is basically a course that is expressly given or learned via the internet. The information is not gained via CDs or DVDs in eLearning.

It takes place in an interactive manner where you can communicate with your teacher or professor and even with the bright students of their respected firm.

What is eLearning Gamification
What is eLearning Gamification

E-learning is also delivered live where one can raise their hands and interact with the instructor. eLearning is a Successful way of training, and education has become much easier because of e-learning.

E-learning with Gamification can be tremendously useful. Research from the University of Colorado stated that the users who used Gamification in e-learning scored higher and also developed many skills within themselves.

Studying became easier when Gamification was used in the workplace. Well, In the future VR and AR may also become a part of Gamification.

These two types of Gamification will benefit put users in an entirely different place. They will also offer proper problem-solving solutions.

What is eLearning Gamification?: How does Gamification work in e-learning?

Gamification is a flexible concept, and with e-learning, Gamification has many applications in many industries.


An avatar makes it easier for the employee to place himself in the game; these games can be usually helpful for every in the company who needs to undergo training at different levels.

Many sectors, such as customer service or call centers, use this gamification approach for making their employees learn about the brand, products, company, and many more.


As stated before, Gamification uses VR and AR to teach hazardous situations. Any trainee in his early stages can use Gamification for making decisions regarding any emergencies.

You may have heard of flight simulators, which are also very popular and are also used as a method for training pilots in both government and private sectors.

Task-oriented approach

The task-oriented approach in e-learning uses a specific task-oriented approach to teach employees a particular process. This is as simple as teaching a new bowler how to ball in different conditions.

What is eLearning Gamification
What is eLearning Gamification

Users are assigned tasks and are provided with tools and options to complete the job. When the approach doesn’t work, the user starts again with the beginning.

Gamification is a different concept, whereas eLearning is a different concept. It wouldn’t be right if one says that both these concepts are almost the same.

E-learning is a sort of information supplier to those who crave education no matter what the firm or field is. Whereas Gamification increases motivation, encourages creativity, makes your communication skills suitable, and also transmits the corporate image.

Whereas eLearning provides you the opportunity to learn online, attend lectures online, deliver quick revision increases your scalability, and many more.

What is eLearning Gamification
What is eLearning Gamification

In my opinion, Gamification is only made for the corporate sector. In contrast, both corporate, as well as students can use e-learning.

The combination of these two must be enormous. Still, one can’t ignore the point that e-learning is a bit cheap mode of providing education, due to which everyone can able to learn things.

Gamification is a craving for training employees, making them fit to face the corporate world. In contrast, e-learning is providing proper education as well as guidance to children who are about to step out into the world.

Let me know one thing which would be more beneficial?.
Investing late on something? Or investing small funds from the beginning?.

Yes! In my opinion, eLearning doesn’t need any help from Gamification because both are doing great in their field. E-learning is educating children and Gamification is training employees.

If we apply Gamification to healthy student life, then it can decrease the student’s attention span, Gamification believes in speed, and this fast pace and immediate feedback can create a problem with a student.

Gamification is costly; it differs on the type of system you are using. I am not saying that Gamification is terrible or something. Still, I do believe that e-learning does not need any help from Gamification.

The concept of Gamification not helping e-learning is evident because they differ in their motto, the way of working, their cost, and their aim.

eLearning is not used, or Gamification does not need e-learning because Gamification does not need eLearning fellows to play the game.

Gamification is not a type suitable for educational purposes. Gamification does not design games related to education or set based on learning.

Well, in the field of education, Gamification can only boost the involvement of students, provide motivation, promote team building, and can give excellent valuable feedback. Other than this, Gamification has no role to play in the life of students.

And on the other hand, eLearning has nothing to do with the corporate sector. Some examples of Gamification are Samsung nation- it motivates the users to be more interactive and learn more and more from each other.
Starbucks, nike+run club, etc.

Examples of eLearning are

Virtual classroom, mobile learning, internet learning CD Rom-based learning computer-based learning, etc. So, I think it must be clear why Gamification does not help eLearning, as they both are different concept and follows different ideology.

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