What is Phil Murphy’s Net Worth?

About Phil Murphy

Born on August 16, 1957, Philip Dunton Murphy is an American Financier, diplomat, and politician. Murphy also served as the 56th Governor of New Jersey. Under the leadership of the former US president Barack Obama, Murphy also served as the United States Ambassador to Germany.

With his wife Tammy Murphy, he started an organization called New Start New Jersey to make his political appearance frequent and visible. During his early life, he lived in a middle-class Irish American family. He told the media how his father was a high school dropout who took just any job he could and lived a paycheck-to paycheck life. 

Murphy’s mother paid more heed to the importance of education; it was then that Philip and his other siblings gained college degrees. Murphy is highly knowledgeable with his Harward University’s AB degree in Economics. He also did an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in the year 1983.

Personal Life

Despite his fantastic career and academic front, his personal life was not as smooth. Tammy Snyder, too was an employee at Goldman Sachs, where they both first met. Phil shied away from asking Tammy out for 17 years, but they got married within six months once he did. 

Phil Murphy’s income and net worth

During his Goldman Sachs days, he gained almost above $50 million. It was reported that his net worth was several hundred million after he left this firm.

With his increasing wealth, Murphy owns land in Berlin and Italy too.  It is reported that Murphy and his family are living in an estate worth a $200,000 annual property tax bill. He earned a significant sum of money and spent this money on a fair tax range of 32% to 39%. His spending for charity purposes was reported to be $980,000 annually since 2014.

In 2016, New Start New Jersey, Murphy’s organization, filed a petition criticizing Christie for his ignorance towards his duties as Governor due to travel for Donald Trump’s support for US presidential elections. Murphy himself supported Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party during the 2016 elections for the US president by raising funds for her.

Medical History

Philip Murphy underwent surgery for the removal of cancerous tumors from his kidneys. It went well, and his recovery was noted shortly after the surgery took place. 

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