What is the cast of “Sister-Sister” currently doing?


Sister- Sister is an American sitcom that follows the life story of two twin sisters who get adopted at different families. The show was premiered in the ’90s, and it has been popular ever since then; and it is said that there might be a sequel to the show as it was announced back in 2018 and later back in 2019. The show is created by Kim Bass, Gary Gilbert, and Fred Shafferman, and de Passe Entertainment and Paramount Network Television produced the series.

Who was the cast of the series Sister-Sister?

Tia Mowry as Tia Andrea Landry
Tamera Mowry as Tamera Ann Campbell
Jackée Harry as Lisa Landry Sims
Tim Reid as Raymond Earl “Ray” Campbell
Marques Houston as Roger Evans
RonReaco Lee as Tyreke Scott
Deon Richmond as Jordan Bennett

These actors were in the lead cast of the series Sister-Sister, and along with them, others played the supporting roles.

Where are the Sisters- Sisters series cast now?

-Tia Mowry Hardrict:
Tia plays the character of a brainy sister in the series. Now she is a married woman and has two children. Tia continues her acting passion and is also gravitating towards production. According to the sources, she has recently signed a deal with Lifetime channel to star and produces in their holiday-themed movies for their wonderful lifetime. Tia, along with her twin, has also starred in Disney movies and more.

-Tamera Mowry Housley:
Tamera played a goofy sister’s role in the series when the sister-sister ended even she kept working with her sister in Disney movies. She is very active on her social media, and she keeps on posting about her quality time with her family and their cooking sessions. She had also hosted a show “Real Talk” and later announced that she was quitting her show after seven years.

-Jackee Harry:
She plays Tia fashion designer mom’s role in the series; she was already a star when the series released and had also won an Emmy for her performance in ‘227.’ She was the first black woman to win an Emmy for her performance, and she has also starred in many movies and series. Jackee has made guest appearances in many series and appearing in shows like “Everyone hates Chris.”

All Sister-Sister Cast Updates

-Tim Reid:
Tim Reid played the father in the series, and before the series, he was an established comedian. He has made many Disney show appearances and has ventured in movies as well. While Tim was working on Sister-Sister, he started to do with his wife, a studio, and they later sold it in 2015.

– Marques Houston:
Marques played the role of Roger in the series; he was a musician when he joined the cast of the show. He continued his gigs after the show ended, and he even released solo’s in 2000.  Even he even started his own production company called Footage Films. The actor recently got married to his girlfriend in an intimate wedding in California.

– RonReaco Lee:
Lee plays the character of Tyreke Scott in the series, and ever since then, he has been a part of many series and movies. Sister-Sister was his big break, and he latest appeared in ‘2 Minutes of Fame’ in 2020, alongside Keke Palmer.

-Deon Richmond:
He plays Jordan’s character, and even he has appeared in many series after the end of Sister-Sister. He was seen latest in the 2018 movie “what matters.” And he has been a part of many series and films in his career. For more updates on the celebrities and their daily updates, world wire is the place to be at, so stay tuned.

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