What is the Patriot Street Fighter Tour by Scott McKay?

What is the Patriot Street Fighter Tour by Scott McKay

The Patriot Streetfighter Tour arranged by Scott Mckay will be held all from the first to the last week of September. He claimed that this tour was very different from the first one that was held and this tour consists of his “dream team” of people. 

The main objective of the tour is to raise awareness and teach people to fight back about prevalent social and political practices. 

Insight into Patriot Street Fighter Tour by Scott McKay

Court claimed that this tour would be a bit more intense than the last one because he had recently suffered the death of his father. His main objective is to bring people together and make them realise how powerful they are as individuals against the machinery of Evil. He wants to make people aware of the fact that there are groups of people who can manipulate their consciousness to get what they want

Who is Scott McKay?

Scott Mckay was formerly known as a competitive bodybuilder who later turned into a Wellness industry entrepreneur. His passion for life led him into pursuing the sphere of politics. He worked as a grunt worker, campaign manager, campaign consultant before he realised that he was disenchanted by political happenings around his area. He had suffered from a near-fatal, catastrophic motorcycle crash after which he had to spend days in rehabilitation. Currently, he is the host of a T.V show called ” The Tipping Point” on Revolution Radio.

Scott McKay was seen promoting the tour on his podcast and YouTube channel

McKay rose to fame with his live stream post-election video which garnered about 345,000 views in 13 days. This incident made him quite famous and earned him Youtube Stardom. He took over the platforms to hype his fans about the tour in recent days. 

Viewers are great fans of Scott McKay and often look up to him for inspiration. Scott’s mission is to empower others and help them in getting acclimated to the paradigm shift he refers to as ” The Great Awakening”. Scott dedicates a lot of his time and effort to fighting for and maintaining the freedom and natural rights that all Americans have. Scott is a great supporter of the promotion of open dialogue be it about the right to bear arms on the freedom of speech

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