What is the unemployment pay in Alabama?

Have you lost your job in Alabama recently? If you are temporarily unemployed for no fault, you get qualified for unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefit is generally the same across the country. But eligibility rules, prior earnings requirements along with benefit amounts, and other details may differ from state to state. Discover the requirements for collecting benefits in Alabama and know What is the unemployment pay in Alabama?

What is the unemployment pay in Alabama?

A minimum of $45 and a maximum of $275 will be paid. The benefits are available for a maximum of 26 weeks. (In emergencies, additional weeks of benefits may be granted.)

Alabama Unemployment Benefits: Amount and Duration

If you qualify for unemployment benefits, your weekly benefit rate (WBR) will be 1/26 of your average quarterly earnings for your two highest-paid quarters of the base period. You will receive a minimum of $45 and a maximum of $275. Benefits will be received for a maximum of 26 weeks. (In cases of very high unemployment, additional weeks of benefits may be available.)

Alabama Unemployment Benefits Eligibility Requirements

Alabama’s Department of Labor (DOL) determines eligibility for unemployment benefits on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for unemployment benefits in Alabama, applicants must meet three requirements:

    1. You need to earn at least a minimum wage before becoming unemployed.
    2. In Alabama, you need to be unemployed without your own fault.
    3. It is essential that you are ready, able, and actively looking for work.

What is the Minimum Earning Requirement?

All the states look at the recent work history and earnings of the employee for a one-year – base period, to determine the eligibility for unemployment. In Alabama, mostly like other states – the base period is the earliest four of the 5 complete calendar quarters before you file your benefits claim. Suppose you filed your claim in November of 2021, the base period would be from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021.

You must get eligible for the following requirements in order to qualify for benefits in Alabama:

  1. For at least two quarters of the base period, must have been working.
  2. In the entire base period, you need to earn at least one-and-a-half times what you earned in the highest-paying quarter.
  3. The average quarterly earnings during the two highest-paid quarters of the base period must meet the threshold set by law.


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