Whatsapp New Update, Messages will be disappeared after seven days

Whatsapp new Disappearing Message option, messages will be disappeared after seven days

Whatsapp New Update, Messages will be disappeared after seven days: In WhatsApp, soon you will get a new option of “Disappearing Message”, which will automatically delete the chat between the message sender and the receiver of the message after seven days.

If you enabled this option, then the seven-day-old messages would automatically go away. The Facebook-owned app has two billion users worldwide. WhatsApp says that this new setting will help keep chat private.

However, WhatsApp also said that if the recipient of the message wants to keep a message, photo, or video with him even after seven days, then he can already take a screenshot of it or forward it.

That is, you have chosen the option of dispatching the message, but the front can still save the message somewhere else.

The option of “Disappearing Message” will start appearing by the end of November this year.

In a blog, the company said that getting the option to expire the message in seven days “will give peace of mind that you do not have any permanent conversation. Also, you will be practical so that you do not forget what you are chatting about.” Were.”

In April 2019, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg promised to make several changes to the social network to provide more privacy to users.

His proposed changes included introducing such options through which the content would remain on the social network for a short time. The possibility of dispensing messages is part of this.

The company is also trying to integrate its messaging platforms WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger so that content can be shared from any one of these platforms to another. That is, you will be able to message someone on your Facebook or Instagram with your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s rival messaging app Snapchat already has the option of “Disappearing Message”.

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