When is VJ Day in 2020? How to Celebrate VJ Day in 2020? End of World War 2 & Details

Which Incident led to the celebration of VJ Day

The UK celebrates Victory over Japan (VJ) every year on August 15. On August 15, Japan surrendered to America, ending World War II. After defeating Japan, US President Harry S. Truman called this historic day VJ Day. In an interview, he said that the Japanese authorities had finally agreed to surrender and were ready to carry the losses caused by Japan.

Which Incident led to the celebration of VJ Day

By 1945, the life of a typical Japanese had become complicated; eggs, milk, tea and coffee were utterly lost in the shops. Vegetables were being grown in school grounds and garden. Petrol was also out of the reach of ordinary people.

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Not a single private car was running on the roads. Bicycles, people walking, and military vehicles were seen everywhere on the streets of Hiroshima.

On August 6, 1945, at 7 in the morning, Japanese radars spotted American planes coming from the south. Warning sirens rang, and radio programs were halted throughout Japan.

By then, there was such a shortage of petrol in Japan that no Japanese aircraft were sent to stop those planes. At eight o’clock, the warning was lifted, and the radio programs resumed.

At 8.9 am, US Air Force Colonel Paul Tibbetts announced on the intercom of his B-29 aircraft ‘Enola Gay’, ‘Put your goggles and put them on your forehead.

‘Little Boy’ falls on Hiroshima.

At precisely 8:15, ‘Enola Gay’ started falling on top of ‘Little Boy’ Hiroshima. It took 43 seconds for Little Boy to come down from Enola Gay. Strong winds pushed her target 250 meters away from the Aoi Bridge, and she burst over the Sheema Surgical Clinic. Its power was equal to 12500 tons of TNT and when it broke the temperature suddenly reached one million centigrade, and from above the Great Artist, Pilot Major Charles Sweeney saw a considerable fireball forming.

In a moment in the middle of the city, everything except the concrete buildings disappeared on the earth. The impact of the explosion was so strong that the glass panes of every building were shattered 15 km from Ground Zero.

Three days later ‘Fat Man’ cracked down on Nagasaki.

August 9, 1945. An afternoon of Nagasaki, another city in Japan. When the B-29 bomber dropped the second Atom bomb there, it took 43 seconds to reach the bottom. Everything within 1 km radius of the bomb collapsed.

The rays of heat absorbed every single drop of water from the human body. Many people and animals died at that moment. The explosion was so fast that the flying mirrors of houses built 8 kilometres away flew away. The light emanating from the explosion, however, remained only for a few seconds, but the heat generated by it burned the skin with third-degree burns.

At Shiroyama Primary School, 500 meters from the site of the bomb fall, there was nothing left of the concrete skeleton.

Nagasaki crash within microseconds

One thing in the area of ​​1 kilometre of the bomb’s focal point evaporated. It seemed as if everything was burnt to ashes in a very capable cremation. Within a microsecond, three buildings of Nagasaki jail were razed.

Not a single person inside the jail could survive. There was no trace of the electric tram on Route No. 206. More than 214,000 people died in the blasts, and Japan was forced to admit defeat which resulted in its surrender to America.

Why is victory over Japan is essential?

Japan was proving its capability in world war 2, Japan almost destroyed every Asian country and headed towards the western continents. The Japanese army also took hold on several American military types of equipment; things got worst when Japan attacked pearl harbour, which resulted in massive rage due to which America destroyed Japan. The day is remembered as one of the darkest days in Japanese History.

The victory was essential, and looking towards the current situations the western countries decided to bring Japan down. Suppose the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing would not occur, then Japan would become the superpower. Millions of people died just because of the greed to become the uppermost country.

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