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Where is Nichol Kessinger: Confessions of a killer by Chris Watt has given us insight into what love can bring humans to do. It gave us a look at the mindset of people who would not even for a second hesitate to do extreme things for their love. In case you’re wondering what we are talking about, this is about the brutal murder of a woman and two children in Colorado in 2018.

What murder took place in Colorado in 2018?

Chris Watts killed his wife and two daughters Bella and Celeste, who were 3 and 4 years. He made this feel as if they had left him; Chris staged it accordingly. He did this because he fell in love with another woman named Nichole Kessinger. She was also a part of why Chris Watts was arrested and brought her into the spotlight. However, she was not directly related to the case, but she has been tried in court for Public Opinion. But where is she now, and what is she doing?

Who is Nichole Kessinger?

Nichole Kessinger was one of the key witnesses in the Chris Watts case. She started to date him before the murders happened. Nichole is born in Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University in the year 2018. She has been in many places along with Colorado, like Aurora, Denver, Fort Collins, and Littleton. Nichole started her work as a bookkeeper but later progressed to being an engineer. She joined as a Contract worker with Anadarko Petroleum.

In the environmental department, she met Chris Watt as a colleague. They met around May or June 2018, and the murders are reportedly taking place in August. They meet a few times before they started dating, and on the night of the murder, they had a 111-minute phone call. However, when Nichole heard about Chris Watts’s wife’s disappearance, she was the first one to inform the police about the situation. But after this, her life never remained the same and knows what happened later.

Where is Nichole Kessinger now?

After her name was linked to the case, she lost her job. She also said that it might be difficult for her to find a job because of this. While talking to the police, she mentioned that she wanted to leave the place and start something new. Her last known address is Northglenn, which is supposed to be a good neighborhood. As far as her relationship is concerned, the two have broken up. However, Chris Watt still says he is in love with Nichole. But Nichole seems to have moved on with Jim Gutoski.

According to some sources, she has received many death threats and public shaming, so she has been moved to a safe place. Nichole is living in a different state, and she now lives with a new identity. Now she has the opportunity to start life fresh and get away from all the horrific instances. This is all that we have on Nichole Kessinger. To learn more about the news and entertainment industry, stay tuned to world wire.

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