Where to watch Mike Lindell’s The Church Movie online?

You keep the confidence, and with God, everything is conceivable. – Mike Lindell. That was the beginning hope of Mike Lindell’s battle from being nothing to everything, where he worked in various regions and afterward seen for his business achievement.

You must have got some of the information about the hero – Mike Lindell and his business, story, and so on as he is in the spotlight of changing the world into a better place with his contribution in various segments; however,  little did you know about his segment into movies- “The Church” by Mike? Curious to understand what it is about? We will tell you, as this article will give you data about Mike Lindells’ The Church Movie Review, Earnings, cast, plot.  

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‘The Church’ Cast

Thor Ramsey Guy Sides
Erin Cahill Carla Finney
Michael Monks Pastor Skip Finney
Joey Fatone Tino
Stephen Baldwin Chad Chase
Donald Faison Jonathan
Andriana Manfredi Gretchen
Clancy McCartney Blaise
Isabella Hofmann Sue
Todd Wilkerson Dr. Knott
Tessie Santiago Jennifer
William Baldwin Mr. Cameron
Chynna Phillips Mrs. Cameron
Ricky Titus-Lam Jeremy
Bridget Albaugh Sheila

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‘The Church’ Storyline

Guy is the lead of the movie who visits as “America’s youth minister.” However, Guy detects his ministry is getting more about the show and less about Jesus and His Gospel. Getting back, Guy understands his senior leader, Skip, has tied up with the megachurch promoting machine. At the start, Guy wished to leave the church, but yet he has work left to do with the youth group. Minister Skip will take the necessary steps to sell Christianity, even stage an Easter crucifixion. Guy collects an impossible team to beat Pastor Skip’s insane ideas and go-to people to the genuine Gospel.

The movie has undertaken these elements of the storyline to be clear 

  • Expletive Language: No obscenities or profanities, but some minor crude language
  • Intensity: a man demonstrates the crucifixion with a fake hand and a nail, and the blood turns out to be a red sauce
  • Sexual relations: No sexual visuals, a few jokes about “mannequin lust.”
  • Nakedness: Brief upper male nudity
  • Alcohol Use: No alcohol use
  • Smoking and Drug Use and Abuse: No smoking or drugs

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Where to watch Mike Lindell’s The Church Movie online?

Reading about the fabulous star cast of the movie The Church and the movie’s unique storyline, you might have now have got some idea on the structure of Mike’s film The Church but thinking where to watch the film, right? You need not worry about it; we have the solution to it. The movie ‘The Church’ is now available and streaming on Salem now.


Thank you, readers, for joining us read about where to watch Mike Lindell’s The Church Movie online? I hope this information has fulfilled your search. Also, do let us know in the comments below your reviews on the movie The church. Also, share with your family and friends. 

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