Which Network Does Boost Infinite Use?

Which Network Does Boost Infinite Use?

Which network does Boost Infinite use? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are on the perfect page.

Boost Infinite is a telecommunications service provider headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, United States, owned by Dish Wireless. It was founded on December 7, 2022.

It has been only a year since Boost Infinite’s establishment, and many people need to be made aware of the network it uses to serve its customers.

In this article, we will detail which network Boost Infinite uses to provide services across the country, along with many other relevant details.

At the end of the article, I have also included my personal review of using Boost Infinite, as I have been on the network for a month.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

What Is Boost Infinite, And Is It Any Good?

What Is Boost Infinite, And Is It Any Good?

Boost Infinite is a phone service provider that uses three networks, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish Wireless, to offer services across the United States. It offers one of the most affordable unlimited plans, starting at $25.

Whether Boost Infinite is good or not will depend on your needs, location, and budget. It is a good carrier for people who want affordable phone services. However, you may look for other carriers if your priorities are high-speed data and good customer service.

Nonetheless, Boost Infinite has some pros and cons, which are listed below.


Boost Infinite has the following advantages.

  • Affordability Boost Infinite offers affordable plans starting at $25 monthly for unlimited data.
  • With Boost Infinite, you can connect to three different networks, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish, based on your area. Amongst the three, T-Mobile and AT&T are the top networks in the nation.
  • Boost Infinite does not charge additional fees for their Infinite unlimited mobile plans. It has other benefits, such as free international calling, a 5G network, and U.S.-based customer support.


Boost Infinite has the following disadvantages.

  • Boost Infinite base plan offers only 30 GB of high-speed data. After this limit, data speeds significantly decrease.
  • As Boost Infinite is a new carrier, it is yet to begin operating physical store locations.
  • Boost Infinite requires a soft credit check while signing up for their postpaid services.
  • There is a chance of customer deprioritization on Boost Infinite. As the carrier is an MVNO, AT&T and T-Mobile may prioritize their customers over Boost Infinite during the network congestion, and you may face data connectivity issues as a Boost Infinite customer.

So, Which Network Does Boost Infinite Use?

So, Which Network Does Boost Infinite Use?

Boost Infinite does not use one network and depends on a combination of three: Dish, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

  • Dish Network – Dish is Boost Infinite’s parent company. You will be connected directly to Dish’s network if available in your area.
  • AT&T – Boost Infinite also has an agreement with AT&T to use their 4G LTE and 5G networks, one of the nation’s top reliable networks. This means your phone can use AT&T’s network if your area does not have dish network coverage.
  • T-Mobile – The third network that Boost Infinite uses is T-Mobile’s network. Again, your device can connect to the most reliable network if your area lacks Dish and AT&T’s coverage.

Based on your area, your device will connect to any available network among the three.

Boost Infinite Coverage Map – 4G And 5G

Boost Infinite Coverage Map - 4G And 5G

Boost Infinite uses AT&T and T-Mobile networks, which cover around 68% and 62 % of the country under their 4G LTE network, respectively. Hence, Boost Infinite delivers a strong 4G LTE network.

Regarding their 5G networks, T-Mobile ranks first with 53% 5G network coverage, and AT&T ranks second at 29%. T-Mobile stands first in providing a 5G network but lasts in 4G LTE, and AT&T comes in second place in its 5G and 4G LTE coverage.

Therefore, with Boost Infinite, you can use the best performance of both networks.

You can check Boost Infinite Coverage in your area by visiting “https://www.boostinfinite.com/coverage-map.”

Boost Infinite Plans


Boost Infinite offers the following mobile plans.

Plan Cost Highlights
Infinite Unlimited $25/mo
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Top 5G network
  • Fixed cost
Unlimited Plus $50/mo
  • Includes iPhone 15 (with trade-in)
  • Unlimited everything
  • Access to 3 5G networks
  • International talk & text
Access for iPhone $60/mo
  • Unlimited use
  • No trade-in needed
  • 3-network access
  • Includes international features

Infinite Unlimited plan

The plan costs $25 and has the following benefits.

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Access to one of America’s top 5G networks
  • Cost $25 monthly forever.

Infinite Unlimited Plus

This plan costs $50 monthly and has the following benefits.

  • iPhone 15 with eligible trade-in
  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Access to America’s Smart Network
  • Easy switching between 3 5G networks
  • Mexico & Canada talk, text and data
  • Talk and text to above 200 global destinations

Infinite Access for iPhone

This plan costs $60 and comes with the following benefits.

  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Access to America’s smart network
  • No trade-in is required to get started
  • Smart switching between 3 5G networks
  • Mexico and Canada talk, text and data
  • Talk and text to over 200 global destinations

Boost Infinite vs Boost Mobile

Feature Boost Infinite Boost Mobile
Ownership It’s a newer company, so it’s likely trying new things.
It’s been around for a while, known for being steady.
Network Coverage Might have the latest technology for better coverage.
Good coverage, but it might not have the newest tech.
Pricing Structure Offers different kinds of plans, maybe more choices.
Known for set plans with clear prices. Good for budgeting.
Target Audience Likely focuses on people who like new tech and features.
Caters to many customers, including those looking for cost-effective options.
Data Speeds It could offer faster internet because of newer tech.
Reliable internet speed, but not necessarily the fastest.
Customer Service Being new, might have fresh approaches to customer support.
Established customer service with a proven track record.

Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile are owned by the same parent company, Dish. However, the main difference between the two is that Boost Infinite offers postpaid mobile phone services; you need to pay your bill at the end of the month instead of at the beginning, while Boost Mobile offers prepaid mobile phone services.

Boost Infinite Review


Based on customer reviews, Boost Infinite is a good carrier for single-line users and families who wish to have affordable plans with the T-Mobile network.

As per my personal experience, I’ve been using Boost Infinite for a few months now, and I’m pretty satisfied with the service. The coverage has been great; I’ve hardly experienced any dropped calls or poor signal areas.

The pricing really made me switch – it’s quite affordable and fits well within my budget. The internet speed has been a pleasant surprise, allowing me to stream videos and browse the web without hiccups.

Overall, I’m happy with my decision to switch to Boost Infinite; it offers good value for the price. However, one must consider its pros and cons before signing up for Boost Infinite postpaid services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which network does Boost Infinite use?

Boost Infinite is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish networks.

Is Boost Infinite a postpaid or prepaid service?

Boost Infinite is a postpaid mobile service provider owned by Dish Network.

How do I check if Boost Infinite has coverage in my area?

You can check Boost Infinite coverage in your area at the provider’s coverage map on its website by visiting “https://www.boostinfinite.com/coverage-map.”

Does Boost Infinite offer any special deals or discounts?

Yes. Boost Infinite offers a few special deals and discounts through their promotional deals.

How do I contact Boost Infinite customer care service?

You can contact Boost Infinite customer care service at (866) 957-8278 or use the app’s online chat feature. The customer service is available from 5 am to 9 pm PST.

Who owns Boost Infinite?

Boost Infinite is owned by Dish Network.

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