Who hacked US Major Twitter Account? How Hacker did Bitcoin Scam? Details

Joseph R. Biden Jr., Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk

It was around 4 p.m. Wednesday on the Eastern Coast of the country when the online chaos occurred. Dozens of America’s most prominent names, including Joseph R. Biden Jr., Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk, posted similar messages on Twitter: Send Bitcoin, and famous people would pay you to double of your money.

The offer from these prominent names was absolute spam; this was one of the most famous spam in American history. The natives will never forget this spam.

The very first victim of this attack was cryptocurrency owners and their corporations. The spam didn’t end here; after cryptocurrency, the hackers took down several other areas such as entertainment and technology. The Hack clutched almost every American Political figure under its contest.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk

After knowing whats occurring, twitter immediately deleted several messages, but in many cases, the word was sent again from the previous account, stating it as a system error. Twitter was completely unaware of this Hack, and at last, the famous social site lost its control, and the spam continued.

In the long run, the organization deactivated wide areas of its administration, including the capacity of confirmed clients to tweet, for two or three hours as it attempted to keep the trick from spreading further. The organization tweeted saying it was investigating the issue and searching for an answer.

You won’t be able to tweet or do anything on twitter as the spokesperson of twitter announced that the site would remain down until the organization simplifies this confusion.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk

Twitter’s investigation into the breach revealed that several employees who had access to internal systems had their accounts compromised in a “coordinated social engineering attack,” a spokesman said, referring to the attacks that trick people into giving up their credentials. The hackers used the internal system of twitter from VVIP accounts such as Mr.Biden’s

“We are investigating what other malicious activity they may have performed or information they have accessed,” added the Twitter spokesperson. “We have taken significant steps to limit access to internal tools and systems while our investigation is ongoing.”

We are taking charge of these issues, and our team is investigating, we will surely find out who was behind this massive Hack. Our team is well trained to handle these situations, and we will solve this problem.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., Barack Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk

The hackers simply asked for bitcoins and presented no trouble to the major institution and other infrastructure. But still, the attack was massive because the hackers would have created much more havoc as they were completely inside our security panel.

If it were Russia, China, North Korea or Iran, an official who wouldn’t have spoken out because they didn’t have the right to discuss intelligence investigations, these efforts would probably be focused on trying to provoke chaos in the stock market, or possibly issuing political statements on behalf of Mr. Biden or other purposes.

One US official called this a “terrible opportunity” in a world where national leaders, sometimes imitating Mr. Trump’s methods, have adopted Twitter as the main source of unfiltered communication.

The Hack was massive, as the hackers used the accounts of famous Americans, they could have caused more trouble. But for now, you won’t be able to tweet for a few hours or a day because of the Hack.

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