Who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson’s Character? Suicide Squad 2 cast

Who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson's Character? Suicide Squad 2 cast

Pete Davidson‘s character as the Blackguard is in the talks nowadays, soon after the reveal of the cast for suicide squad 2 the fans have been making wild assumptions about everyone’s character and roles in the movie, one such widely talked character is Pete Davidson’s Blackguard and in this article we will clear every doubt about who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson’s Character? And The Suicide squad 2 Cast.

Who is Blackguard?

Who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson's Character? Suicide Squad 2 cast

Blackguard is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe and an adversary of Booster Gold. He was an individual from the Suicide Squad for a short timeframe before getting killed by The General. When Amanda Waller was excused from the advanced adaptation of Checkmate, she kept working for her Suicide Squad. She demonstrated enthusiasm for Blackguard as a member.

After some preparation and tests, he was caused some portion of a slice and-to consume strategic the corporate central command of Haake-Bruton. H-B was the organization behind the advancement of a weaponized infection. It had the potential for being an eradication level occasion trigger.

On this operation Blackguard was a part of the heavy crew, alongside Marauder, White Dragon and the General (Wade Eiling). They were entrusted with drawing in and wrecking various watchmen wearing copies of the robotic Carapax armor. During the activity, some portion of the group turned rogue, and, Blackguard was guillotined by the General.

What is Pete Davidson’s Character?

Who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson's Character? Suicide Squad 2 cast

Pete Davidson is going to play the character of The Blackguard who is a supervillain which for a short period was a part of the Suicide squad but left the Suicide Squad after some of his teammates went rogue on a mission and he was apparently beheaded. He emerges as a villain after some years.

Suicide Squad 2 Cast

Who is Blackguard? What is Pete Davidson's Character? Suicide Squad 2 cast

Suicide Squad 2 cast is full packed with some of the most popular actors from the industry the movie is going to see a huge surge and is surely going to give us some real goosebumps, Suicide Squad 2 cast is:

Names Role
Taika Waititi
Margot Robbie Harley Quinn
Joel Kinnaman Rick Flag
Viola Davis Amanda Waller
Idris Elba Bloodsport
Alice Braga SolSoria
Jai Courtney Captain Boomerang
Nathan Fillion T.D.K.
Pete Davidson Blackguard
Michael Rooker Savant
John Cena Peacemaker
David Dastmalchian Polka-Dot Man
Sean Gunn Weasel
Storm Reid Tyla
Peter Capaldi The Thinker


The year 2021 is going to be fabulous in terms of entertainment with certain big releases from DC and Marvel we can expect the year to be promising in terms of entertainment and we also hope the end of this global pandemic. 😉


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