Who is Landon Clifford? His Wiki, Biography, Career, Relationship, & Family- Landon Clifford Death Reason

Landon Clifford is a well known YouTube Star who was seen in the Cam-Fam YouTube channel with his Wife. His wife Camryn announced her husband’s passing on Instagram, where she wrote: “AUGUST 13TH 2020 WAS LANDON’S LAST DAY BEING THE BEST DAD AND HUSBAND HE COULD BE.” Today we will see more details about the YouTube star Landon Clifford.

Landon Clifford Biography

Name: –  Landon Clifford

Age: -19 years old

Birthday: -February 17, 2001

Height: -not known

Weight: -not known

Instagram: -@landon_clifford

Married status: – married

Wife: -Camryn Clifford

Kids: -Two Daughter

Cause Of Death: -Brain Injury

Landon Clifford Relationships

Landon Clifford was married to Camryn and they are both 19 years old. Camryn Clifford tweeted a photo of her with her future husband in 2015. They have both been together ever since and have two daughters, Collette Briar and Delilah Rose. Camryn Clifford said that the couple attended a homecoming dance together in 2015 and their prom in 2019 and they were engaged on June 29, 2018. In October 2019, the couple announced that Camryn Clifford was pregnant with their second child. Landon had not been on social media since May 2020 but as soon as the birth of the couple’s second child. In his bio section, Clifford wrote that his wife and daughters are his “world.” Camryn posted on her social media addressing the world about the death of Landon, check post here.


Landon Clifford Cause of Death

Landon Clifford, who is the husband of Camryn Clifford and together they have a YouTube channel Cam&Fam, has died at the age of 19, and this news was conveyed by Camryn herself in an instagram post. Landon Clifford cause of death was because of serious Brain Injury. According to a GoFundMe set up for the family, Landon Clifford who is a two, suffered from a very serious brain injury and spent six days in a coma before his death on 19 August. On the 17th of  February the day of Clifford’s 19th birthday, his wife Camryn posted on social media with a message saying, “I COULDN’T ASK FOR A BETTER HUSBAND. OUR DAUGHTERS COULDN’T ASK FOR A BETTER DAD. YOUR PARENTS COULDN’T ASK FOR A BETTER SON.”


Landon Clifford the Cam&Fam YouTube channel star died at the age of 19 due to a brain injury. His wife Camryn Clifford has posted the news Instagram with a heartfelt message saying that, she couldn’t have asked for a better husband and their daughter’s couldn’t have asked for a better dad. We wish the family strength and may his Soul rest in peace.

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