Who is Major Shweta Pandey? The Woman who Hoisted the Flag with PM Modi in Independence Day 2020

Major Shweta Pandey, from The Indian Army Officer, is the one who assisted PM Modi in unfurling Tricolour on the 15th of August 2020.  This ceremony took place at the Red Fort in Delhi, where Major Shweta Pandey was appointed to assist the PM. Today we will learn more about this braveheart woman and her achievements.

Who is Major Shweta Pandey?

Major Shweta Panday is an engineer, radar specialist, a computer science graduate, and avid debater. Major has been in service since 2012, and she has completed her education in B-Tech in Computer Science. She has won over 75 medals and 250 certificates through participation in events like debates, speeches, etc. It is astonishing to know that she had also stood first in tactics and won a medal for Garhwal Rifles when she was in officer training academy in Chennai. She is also the first woman officer from the country to hold the tricolor during the event.

Just before our 74th Independence Day, her appointment was announced by the Ministry of Defence, and it said, “Major Shweta Pandey will assist the Prime Minister in unfurling the national flag. The unfurling of the Tricolour will synchronize with the 21 Gun Salute fired by the valiant gunners of the elite 2233 Field Battery (ceremonial). The ceremonial battery will be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Jitendra Singh Mehta, and the Gun Position Officer will be Naib Subedar (AIG), Anil Chand.” Many have posted about Shweta Pandey on their twitter expressing their happiness.

Major Shweta Pandey Wiki, Biography, & Family

Major Shweta’s Pandey’s mother, Amita Pandey, is a Sanskrit and Hindi professor, and her father, Raj Ratan Pandey, worked as an additional director in the finance department for the Uttar Pradesh government. At the moment, Major Shweta Pandey is posted at the 505 Army Based Workshop (ABW) in Delhi Cantonment. This all there is that we know about Major Shweta Pandey’s family background. There is no doubt her family members would be incredibly proud of her since she is also the first woman officer from the country to hold the tricolor during the event that took place on the 74th Independence day.

However, it is not the first time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is assisted by women during the hosting, as last year as well, three women Indian Air Force (IAF) officers had assisted PM Modi during the Independence Day ceremony. And this year for the 74th Independence Day Major Shweta Pandey Assisted PM Modi. For more such exciting updates, stay connected to world wire.

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