Who is Waiel Yaghnam? Is Waiel Yaghnam the murderer of Andre Montgomery?

Who is Waiel Yaghnam? Is Waiel Yaghnam the murderer of Andre Montgomery?

Waiel Yaghnam is the new man charged with the Andre Montgomery murder, Andre Montgomery was murdered in 2016, and no suspects were found at that time but the latest investigation has led to a new suspect Waiel Yaghnam who is an insurance agent.

Who is Waiel Yaghnam?

Who is Waiel Yaghnam? Is Waiel Yaghnam the murderer of Andre Montgomery?

Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, 42, from St. Louis, Missouri, has been accused of one tally of committing wire and mail extortion. Yaghnam is a music maker who took a shot at a few tracks for Nelly’s 2002 collection ‘Nellyville‘ just as a protection specialist.

The charges express that: “Before Montgomery’s homicide, Norman schemed with Waiel Yaghnam, his protection operator, to falsely acquire an extra security strategy on Montgomery.” Starting in 2014, Norman and Yaghnam presented an aggregate of three separate life insurance applications, all containing bogus proclamations.

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Is Waiel Yaghnam the murderer of Andre Montgomery?

As of now, nothing has been proven, but the initial evidence shows that Waiel Yaghnam can be a prime player in Andre’s murder.

On March 14, 2016, Andre Montgomery Jr. was killed in a St. Louis shooting. Andre Jr. was Robbie Montgomery‘s grandson and was the subject of various scenes that concentrated on his move from Texas to the St. Louis region, battles in school, just like a visit to the grave of his dad Andre Montgomery Sr.

On August 18, 2020, Montgomery’s child Tim Norman, who was likewise a continuous cast part, was captured in Mississippi and charged for his supposed job in homicide for employ plot that brought about the demise of Montgomery’s grandson in 2016. It was accounted for that Tim, who is dealing with government indictments and was demonstrated to have gotten the sole recipient to Andre Jr’s. bequest in 2014, selected a Memphis extraordinary artist and others to aid the homicide plot.


No one has been proven guilty as of now, but from the outside, it looks like a lot of family members and famous people can be involved in the murder conspiracy leading to Andre’s death. After 5 Years of his death, it will be interesting to see who will be the prime murderer.

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