Why did TikTok banned Doenlij’s account? When will he return on the platform again?

TikTok is a platform where many content creators post creative videos and inspire a lot of people. In fact, TikTok and content creation have become a career for many, and there are people how have become famous through these mediums. This medium has been like an earning source, and people who follow these TikTok stars get inspiration through the videos. But the question is, does everyone on TikTok provide inspiration and spread the helpful message? Let us find out!

Why did TikTok ban the account of Donelij?

TikTok decided to ban the Donelij account due to the guideline issues. Some posts made on Twitter were against Doenlij and said he was violating the community guidelines on TikTok. Donelij has also been accused of being homophobic and transphobic; these users have posted on twitter accusing Donelij of this issue. They said that his facial expressions supposedly change when someone mentions that they are from the LGBTQ community. So taking action against this, TikTok banned the account of Doenlij, and this was noticed by the fans on the 1st of September.

Creators Reaction on his account getting banned?

If you use TikTok and follow Donelij, you can look upon the app. If you search for his name, a statement pops up, which says, “Multiple community guidelines violated” This statement came right after the TikTok makers held him accountable for these issues. When this issue was raised, a fellow creator named Toborowitz wrote addressing Donelij and said the following message. He said that he knows Doenlij is smart and is aware of what Donelij is doing, but he is disappointed. Toborowitz said he knows what Donelij is doing is wrong and that he should have stopped the kids and fans that are sending death threats, but he hasn’t stopped anyone.

He also added that he shouldn’t be the only one to be guilty and a growing number of people who think similarly. And have a notion that the only way something can be funny is either having everyone laughing or crying.  So what he basically meant was there are many who should be equally guilty. But this is just one reaction that came out there are no words from the other creators of the community. But at least someone spoke up about what is wrong, means the issue is being addressed.

Will Donelij be back on TikTok?

It seems like he has not decided to back out just yet. He has already made a different account with a name @notdonelij, and this account has over 1 million followers already. This account has not been deleted, but he has posted a video with some explanation. He has published a message addressing the account that got banned by merely saying, “Rip Donelij.” We’ll have to wait and watch for any more updates on this issue, but till then, stay tuned to world wire.

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