Entertainment - Web Series - Will there be a second season for Jamtara? Jamtara season 2

Will there be a second season for Jamtara? Jamtara season 2

Will there be a second season for Jamtara?
What will be the cast, and when will season 2 for Jamtar release? Read this post to know everything:
“Kya meri baat XYZ se ho Rahi he? Hume aap ke bank details confirm karne the Main XYZ bank se baat Kar Raha hu”, does this ring a bell?
Many of us have been through this, getting fake calls from people to claim to be calling from a bank to get details.
This story is exactly what Netflix’s Jamtara is all about.

What is Jamtara’s plot?

The show revolves around two cousins who are experts in scamming their friends and lead their friends into the same things as well.
Their business becomes a sensation and a center for public attention. So much so that a news agency reports on the incidents that they are carrying on.
This results in a more significant threat, and they come in the notice of political gang that now wants a part of the success they are having. This leads to chaos between the two brothers as they end up getting at two ends of a political feud.
Meanwhile, the cops are in action to find the brothers and everyone who are a part of the scams.

Will be there be Jamtara Season 2?

Jamtara season 1 was released on the 10th of January 2020 on Netflix. It consists of 10 episodes each, and the time limit for each episode is approx 40-50 minutes.
Season 1, ended and the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. There are speculations that the makers are speaking about the next season, and it is supposed to release next year that is in 2021 in September.

The cast for Jamtara season 2:

-Aksha Pardasany as Dolly Sahu
-Amit Sial as Brajesh Bhaan
-Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Biswa Pathak
-Sparsh Shrivastav as Sunny
-Monika Panwar as Gudiya
-Aasif Khan as Anas Anand
-Harshit Gupta as Baccha
-Rohit Kp as Munna
-Aatm Prakash Mishra as Bachhu
-Anshuman Pushkar as Rocky
-Kartavya Kabra as Shabaaz
-Monu Kanojiya as Chotu


Jamtara- Sabka number ayega is a very astute depiction of the dark side of the Internet and how we are unsafe with the information that we share.
It shows us how we are one step away from clicking a wrong button that can cost us the hard money earned within seconds.
This story is captivating and is loved by the audience on a broader scale, and that is why fans can’t wait for season 2. Stream season 1 on Netflix if you haven’t watched it already!

Jamtara Trailer

There is no official trailer by netflix on jamtara season 2 but you can enjoy the season one trailer below.

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