Women behind Coronavirus: Who was the woman who identified COVID-19

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Women behind Coronavirus: The first person to be infected with a coronavirus is the daughter of a Scottish bus driver who dropped out of school at age 16. Her name was June Alameda, she wanted to put her name on the list of the prominent in the field of mass imagination.

But June’s work is still under discussion during the COVID-19 disaster, and their discovery is at the discussion center. COVID-19 is a new virus, but it is a type of coronavirus first discovered by Drs. Alameida in rolls during 1964 at St Hospital. Thomas of London.

In June, Dr. June Almeida, a microbiologist, was born in 1930. She was born in a very simple family in northeastern Glasgow, Scotland. After completing her education at the age of 16, June began her career as a geologist in Glasgow.

Then she went to London to explore new opportunities, and, in 1954, she married Venezuelan singer Enrique Alameida.

Women behind Coronavirus: Who was the woman who identified COVID-19

Women behind Coronavirus
Women behind Coronavirus

Research on the common cold and flu
According to medical journalist George Winter, a few years after their marriage, the couple moved with their young family to Toronto, Canada. Dr. June Almeida has improved her performance by an electron microscope at the Canadian Cancer Center in Canada. While working at the center, she learned how to detect a virus quickly.

Writer George Winter told our sources, “The United Kingdom understands the importance of Dr. June Almeida’s work and, in 1964, offered to work at St Thomas Medical School in London before her. It is the same hospital where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was treated after a COVID-19 infection.

Back in Canada, Dr. June Almeida began her research with Drs. David Tyrell was doing the coldest and most indifferent research in the Salisbury area of ​​the United Kingdom at the time.

George Winter reports that Drs. Tyrell collected several samples of nostrils during the cold, and his team found the viruses discovered during the common cold in almost all samples. But among these, a memorial called B-814 was taken from a boarding school in 1960, the last.

Women behind Coronavirus
Women behind Coronavirus

Who addressed the coronavirus?

Dr. Tyrell thought, why not try this sample with the help of Dr. June Almeida by using a lightweight power supply. Samples were sent to Dr. June Almeida for the test, who said after the trial that “the virus looks like a tumor, but it is not, however, something is different.”

It is a virus that was later infected by Dr. June Almeida as a coronavirus. George Winter stated that Dr. June Almeida had actually seen particles such as this virus in hepatitis in mice and bronchitis and infection.

Winter said, however, that the original June research document had been excluded, saying they had “produced viral images of the flu.” But this new discovery of sample B-814 was published in a British medical journal published in 1965 and two years later by the Journal of General Virology.

Women behind Coronavirus
Women behind Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases in India

According to George Winter, it was Doctor Tyrell, Dr. Alameda, with Professor Tony Waterson of St. Thomas Medical Institute, who called the virus Coronavirus, granted a large amount of the virus.

Later, Dr. June Almeida worked at the Postgraduate Medical College in London. She has since completed her medical studies. During the last days of her career, Doctor June was at the Alameda Valcom Center, where she identified several new viruses and named his patents.

After retirement from Valcom Center, Dr. June Almeida became a yoga teacher. But in the 1980s, she was called as an assistant to take new pictures of HIV.

In June, Dr. June Almeida died 2007. She was 77 years old at the time.
Then, 13 years after her death, she and her job receive the care they deserve. She is still remembered as an exceptional researcher because of her research, and she has contributed to the understanding of coronavirus in the world.

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